February 9, 2006

Confessions of a Crazed Momma Quilter

I didn't have a bad day yesterday...I just had A DAY... My husband was out of work for several months last autumn, got a job which would have had us move 5 hours away, didn't like that job, found a new job 2 hours away...all of this while I was away for Thanksgiving with the girls at my parents house and then coming up to Christmas. He got the new job and seems to like it, but he is gone Monday to Friday night, and I am here alone with my kids. My youngest is teething her final painful molars and my oldest is getting into a very whiney three year old phase, it just never seems to end.

I am out of the house Monday through Friday taking the girls to either montessori or to a playgroup every morning...two mornings while the oldest is in montessori, I have the youngest babysat while I do the graphic design work that I do from home... I try to keep the house clean and cook some of our meals (though I must say chicken nuggets and potatoes are a standby a few nights for the kids) and I try to make time for myself to sew and to write my blog journals... Our generation of women are supposed to be superwoman...marriage, kids, career, we can have it all...but having it all is very tiring!! I don't want to give up my little bit of work I have, but feel guilty leaving my youngest to be babysat. Somewhere in the middle of this all I would like to get fit as well, but swimming is hard with two small kids, and even walks with whining kids can get difficult. And of course food is a crutch for me, so I am struggling with weight issue as well.

So I find I use my quilting as a stress reliever these days. After a day of what seemed like constant fighting and whining with my kids yesterday, I pulled out some 9 patches from a swap last year and got them up on the design board for a baby quilt I want to make. It really is a calming influence to fondle the fabrics, LOL. I figure I'll put a black border around these and machine quilt either words (this is an easier fabric than the last one!!) or stars, hearts, etc something cute...I might try quilting the 9 patches across the diagonal which I've never done before, just in the ditch... I have 8 of the 9 patches left and will probably make a 5 block by 5 block wallhanging with black alternating blocks and get some perle cotton to try some fun quilting...will probably give it to the girls for their room...

Anyway...sorry for whining. I do is hard being far from your home (Maryland!) and your DH when kids are so young!! But what doesn't kill me will make me stronger, LOL, or even more of a crazed quilter!! Posted by Picasa


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Love your 9 patches - sometimes such simple patterns can be stunning!

And being a Momma is a full time job, so don't get down. We've all had DAYS! I am so tired at night, and I only have 1 little guy to keep track of.

I can relate to being far away from home - me too, plus I am trying to learn a new language, which adds a fun twist. If you have a big phone bill, check out on the internet. I don't end up talking much on the phone because of the time zone differences, but when I do call - I always use skype!



Mary said...

I like the nine patches too - one of my favorite patterns.

Linda_J said...

Welcome to the stash buster ring, Cathi. I have seen your posts on the list as well. The nine patches will be a fun project to play with!

samantha said...

The 9 patches look great.

And, that was NOT whining!

I totally understand- I have a nearly 5 yeard old and a 2.5 year old, and I work FT out of the house, and my hubby works FT, but weird hours, and I am always exhausted. Quilting is my escape, too. My co-workers always wonder how I am so productive (from their point of view) with my hobbies, and I can't get them to understand, I would snap from stress without them!

Hang in there! We all have those days.