March 28, 2011

Getting a bit of crafting done!

Well, I am moving a lot faster now and with a lot less pain, and the physio told me why my tendons have been damaged...I have hyper mobility in my joints...double jointed in my fingers hips and feet...all my life, and apparently the wear and tear in my feet (because apparently my right foot is heading the same direction as my left which had the surgery...) has worn the joints and stretched out the tendons... who knew! But hey, I am still moving and can now do some exercises to help strengthen the tendons and prevent or postpone the need for more surgery... Of course I haven't been listening to the physio and doing as much of my exercises as I should, and have been known to walk without my crutch which I shouldn't be doing quite yet...need to be better!

I have kept on doing my crafting, though I have now moved most of it back upstairs...I have starting making space for all my new paper crafting supplies I hope to get lol! I did get my goodie package from Jennifer McGuire, lots of yummy clear stamps!

Considering I have none, and these average about $12-15 a set, it was a generous package!! Now to get some ink huh? LOL!!

Our neighbors had a new baby boy a few weeks ago and so a card had to be made!

I also loaned them the moses basket I made just before Aine was girls and many friends and family have used it and I am very proud of it...I also made baby William a few baby vests/onesies... I found out my Silhouette is quite good a cutting out fabric with a bit of heat and bond ironed onto it...very nice for baby onesie shapes!!

Dave's musician brother has a birthday coming up...

Aisling also went to a party and I made a tshirt and card for the birthday girl, but forgot to take a photo, gasp!!

My birthday was last Friday and I got some lovely gifties...a lovely pitcher and a quilt block for our swap from great friend Kate...

My local friend Kathleen knit me this beautiful hat!

Today I have been holed up in my sewing room, re making blocks for the January Block 2 of my 3 envelopes never made it to their destination.... I have made new blocks for the two ladies who never got my first set of blocks...

I also made a bunch of baby vests for Kathleen's (see knitted hat above, lol) friend's new baby Sadie... I tried out my new flocked black heat transfer vinyl and used my Silhouette for some of them!

Yesterday, Saturday, our local quilting group did a charity sewing day for children with Cystic Fibrosis, we made 12 quilts! I did free motion quilting on 4 of them during the day and bound two of them...will show photos later, but here are two quilt tops, generously donated by Kate.

Last but not least, I sent a bunch of fabrics over to friend Helen who is starting to make a Dear Jane quilt like I did... I might have a bit of fabric to share, lolololol...was able to make her 40 fat eighth pieces with my bigger bits of fabric! She sent me back some interfacing to use for stitchery and this gorgeous kit to make!

March 14, 2011

No major updates on the quilting end, are you getting tired of cards?

I have nothing new to show for my quilts, but check out this new boot I am sporting... I started walking a bit too quickly on it and might have done some damage, so am back to a milder pace of walking, but can now put some weight on it and walk around with one crutch...

I have made some progress on the crazy Hwaet socks! Here is my start I have made...

I've started on yet some more legwarmers for a friend of the girls who also does ballet...

Here comes some more tshirts done for some birthday kids we know!!

I also have done a few more birthday cards, LOL!!
Paddy's Day card for mom!

Gina in WA, there was no way to reply to your comment (no email attached!) and you don't have a blog listed, but I have to agree with you, I am probably posting so much more this year because this cast and surgery are forcing me to sit still!!! With MS you get a bit more tired than you used to (though that could be age and activities too!) and last year I was busy all the time, but chose to ignore the blog more often and keep up with the girls and their activities....I did keep crafting, but not always things that were that interesting to photograph weekly! Once I can walk properly again I will probably not update as often, but hope to keep it too once a month at the very least!

I found out last week that I won a goodie package from a favorite new cardmaking/stamping blogger, Jennifer McGuire, I am so excited and dying to know just what is in this goodie package!! Will show you guys next week..  I am definitely getting into this whole cardmaking thing bigtime....I just keep adding cool blogs to read, anyone know of any cool paper crafting blogs?

March 4, 2011

A few more cards and a finished quilt!!

Here are a few more cards I've done in the last few weeks...

A card for my Yoga teacher friend...I used the negative of the die cuts to make this card, so have them to use again in another card! I put some patterned paper behind the cardstock...I am still learning my way!

Here are two birthday cards that I made using a font and typing in the number 8 twice and joining them together...I put the girls names into the patterned paper to personalize them....

Aine had her First Confession this week...I did a simple card for her and made the scallop pattern up myself in my die cut machine...learning how to weld shapes in the software!

I am waiting for some other supplies I ordered from the States soon so I can do some stamping, embossing and other fun cardmaking ideas I've been learning about... Can't wait!

Here are a few blocks that I've done for February and March for the Block Lotto:
String Hearts for February
Disappearing Four Patch for March...

I am having fun doing some different blocks each month, and I will have a chance to win some blocks each luck my first two months, but will keep my fingers crossed for March, I like the simple but interesting blocks!

My friend's chemo quilt is done!! Need to get some nice Irish Barry's Tea and some crunchie bars to put in the box and then it will be ready to send.

Hope it makes it there safe, some of my January blocks from the block lotto haven't made it to their destinations yet and I'm not too happy about that!

I've started on some crazy complex socks for a friend of mine... They are called Hwaet socks...they have the middle English words for Beowulf on them!! Here is a photo of the socks the designer has done...will show mine after I've made a little more progress, just finished the first line of words! If you are interested the link to the pattern is here.

Doing much better this year at keeping this blog updated, I hope I can keep on doing it! I should be able to start putting some weight on my leg again next week, my six weeks of hopping are nearly done, woo hoo!! More soon...