June 27, 2009

Has it really been a month?

I am fine. Just in case you might have wondered, the MS is still there, and the injections are going fine. I still have numbness and tingling in my feet and sometimes my hands...but really in the scheme of things, if it remains this way for a while to come, I would be grateful!

I have managed to get a few projects done, but haven't taken photos of all of them...the latest news is that my Dear Jane won another Viewer's Choice!! This time at our local Limerick Quilt Show! I won a hundred euro voucher to the quilt shop I work a few hours at weekly!
DJ at Limerick Quilt Show

Here are the girls and I in front of the quilt...
DJ and the Girls at Limerick Quilt Show

Here is my friend Riikka's great applique quilt for her son. She just started quilting. Last October. She started this quilt in March, had the applique and top and hand quilting done by Hope you keep in touch when you move back to Finland, Riikka! She has started a Dear Jane, I expect she will be done next week sometime, lol!! Okay, maybe next month...
Riikka's Maritime Quilt

We had a nice display of quilts in the Limerick City Hall...
Limerick Quilt Show 2009

My friend Nicola and I made more of these scrubbies for a friend's school fete. I added the soaps to help them sell better, lol!!
Scrubbies for Sale!

I should have blogged much earlier, but the days are so busy with kids activities (Aisling turned 5 last week, where did the time go!) and I just let it get away from me. Here is a photo from today's activities, the kids made a mummy, vampire and various other scary creatures with my that they love playing with the Tilda kitties I made them!
Mummy and Vampire kitties!

I have been working on some fingerless gloves and on my felted bag on the knitting front, can show one finished glove next time. The bag still looks like a big green blob of knitting, so not really exciting. I have finished the wedding quilt for Dave's brother and his partner...well the top anyway...but never took a photo. When I start the quilting on it will try to take a photo and maybe update the blog a little sooner? Maybe??