November 10, 2010

Fresh Start!

Welcome to my "NEW" blog!!

I have been a very bad blogger for a long time now and am amazed that I still have so many subscribers in Google Reader. For those of you who have stuck by me despite my horrible lack of posting, thank you very much. I am moving back to Blogspot now that it does some of the things I moved to Wordpress for (multiple pages mainly...) and can add some of the cool widgets that are coded in Javascript which Wordpress doesn't support (the LinkWithin thingie at the bottom of each post which I saw on many blogs and wanted to try out!)

I am fine! The MS gave me a scare in late July when I overheated and overdid it this summer, daily taking girls river rafting swimming and around town in 90 degree weather...for a week or so my right leg was weak and my walking very bad...dragging the affected foot behind me... I thought I would need a wheelchair to get me through the airport on my way home from the States! Luckily I rested and within a week or so I had improved and was able to get home no problem on my own! Had to learn the hard way that being supermama and overdoing in the heat (big enemy of MS) is not the way to go! Since then, have been running around like crazy for girls activities but at a more moderate pace and have been doing well. Unfortunately my eating hasn't been great, after a wonderful summer of weight loss and still enjoying my food, I came back here and started eating all the wrong foods...I put it down to being busy and lazy about healthy eating! I am hoping to make some changes, but will do them slowly!

I still quilt, stitch and knit near enough on a daily basis, even if it is just a row of knitting or a few stitches of hand sewing or quilting, I just have a lot of long term projects on the go, and not a lot to show even on a weekly basis, but I will try to pick up the pace. I do post very often on Facebook, though it is the whole rhythm of my life, crafty and kids and all else in between...befriend me there if you want, would love to connect there too...

Lets see, since our summer in Bend, I have finished a few things...
Mom's Monkey Socks

Drunkard's Path Wallhanging (and simple quilt for guest bed...)
Currently hand quilting the wallhanging...very slowly!!

Artist at work on her sock yarn painting, finished socks below!

I have finished Aisling's Kool Koolaid socks, hand painted and designed by the master herself . Since she painted a bunch of pink at one end and multicolored on the other end, she has one pink and one multicolor sock! I am doing these socks toe-up and two at a time on one needle, called the magic loop method. It is great since I get both socks done at the same time!

I have also taught a friend to quilt starting last June or so, she has just finished her quilting (taught her free motion quilting last week, she is a natural!) and we'll do binding soon! It is nice to suck bring friends into this lovely crafting obsession hobby. My little neighbor next door, Aine's good friend, and the girls have all been working on their own quilts as well... Just like my neighbor growing up helped me with my love of sewing, I am hopefully encouraging Aine and her friend (and someday Aisling if she wants!) to sew. Aine has even used the sewing machine on her own now (I thread but she lines up fabric and sews!), such a proud mama I am!! Next week I will get a photo of my friend and little neighbor and the girls handiwork but for now I want to get this post out!