February 28, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 8

I am going to do this post early, as I went to the doctor on Wednesday about that trapped nerve and they sent me to the ER to rule out scary things like MS. They seem to think that it isn't neurological so that is a relief, but they admitted me to hospital Wed night and Fri morning I had an MRI. Due to a technical glitch the results won't be on the system for the doc to read till Monday, so I am home for the day (have to return each night to sleep in hospital to keep bed...) so am home and just wanted to check in and say if anyone can send good vibes, karma, prayers, thoughts, my way I'd really appreciate them, esp on Monday. I will be home for a few more hours tonight and then tomorrow for the day. I really am nervous about what is happening with my numb foot/leg, so hope they can come up with reasons for why it is happening then, preferably something not too scary!!

I hope to be back to my weighins next week, but finding it hard to concentrate at the moment while waiting for results.

Thanks :) Cathi

February 23, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 7

I was down 1.2 lbs this week! I hit the stone mark!! (14 lbs gone!) I promise that next week I will mix it up and gain some weight as I was bad bad bad over the weekend again and won't be working out as much this week. I have a trapped nerve, numb foot/leg thing going on...time to go to the it after shimmying too hard at salsa dancing last is very strange and I hope that it can be sorted out soon...

I got started swimming last week and hope to get back on track with my exercise soon! No yoga or dancing till I get the trapped nerve sorted out. Sigh.

February 20, 2009

First February Finishes

Say  that 5 times fast!!

I have been so busy lately, I barely know how to start... I have managed to do a few quick quilts since my last crafty update. Here is little quilt I did for Katy's birthday boy, I hear it came in a distant second to Karol Ann's  totally cool dinosaur tshirt he got, but hey, who could compete with such cool shirts!  I have been trying to improve my freemotion quilting with my small wallhangings and so I have done small stippling on this and quilted some bamboo in the pandas hand :) and Alex's name...
February 2009

I also decided to whip up a quick strippy scrappy valentines day quiltlet for my little quilt shelf...I am working on making my meandering much smaller when I do free motion, and I just love to quilt wavy lines, love the texture they give.
Heart Quilt
Heart Quilt

I also finished the quilt top for my cousin in St. Louis Missouri. The center block is a Missouri Puzzle chose for obvious reasons!! I used a photo she sent of the room she wants a quilt for and hope she likes it. Next time we get together I need to get her started quilting. She is a doctor and it might be a relaxing hobby after a long day?? Can anyone suggest a good St. Louis patchwork shop with beginning quilting classes, in case she is interested?
Col's Quilt

Aine has her first two loose teeth and so last weekend we made a Tooth Fairy Tin together. She designed the top and I used my Xyron 900 to turn it into a magnet to put on the tin!! We made a little pillow to put the tooth on, so now she is all ready for when the tooth fairy comes avisiting!
February 2009
February 2009
February 2009

I have started on a pair of socks for a trade with Katy. I am making her another pair of cotton hand knit socks and she is doing a cute cross stitch sampler for me!
Katy's sock!

February 16, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge 2009: Week 6

I made it into the 170s, yeah, it has been ages since I've seen them! And next week I hope to lose .8 lb again if I can manage it (though had a bad weekend, they are really my downfall!!). The reason for the .8 goal will be appreciated by any UK/Irish readers: I'll have lost 14 lbs, a full stone!

I have salsa dancing class tonight but have also signed up for the swimming pool again today!!! I hope to get my laps in 2-3 times a week to add to my exercise regime...might try to add a walk or two eventually as the swim membership gives me weights and cardio gym time and other classes...hope to add the weights in a few months maybe...can't be doing everything all at once!!

How are all the other "losers" doing??

I have that promised crafty post from last week still coming, but will get it done for tomorrow!!

February 9, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge 2009: Week 5

Just a quick update before midnight here in Ireland.

Current weight: 180 lbs/ 12 stone 12/ 81 kilos

I am at 180 lbs even this week and hope to see the 170s next week, should be doable, as I only need a .2 lb loss. Guess I better make sure to stay on the straight and narrow!!

I took some measurements to see the progress over the month and I am down 2 inches in my waist, hips, and chest, woo hoo!

I have some crafty finishes to show and promise to get those posted tomorrow.

February 2, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: Week 4


I lost 1.6 lbs this week when at the beginning of the week I thought I'd be lucky to stay the same.  Now you all know I weigh in on Fridays, so after weigh in I headed off to Wexford for 2 days of retreating and you know I was NOT GOOD over the weekend!! My goal for the next weigh in is to remain the same or only be up a little bit. If I lose this week, it will be a true miracle, but I can always aim to be the best I can for the next few days and you never know...miracles happened throughout the entire month of January!!

Current weight:  180.8 lbs / 12 stone 12.8 lbs / 82 kilo


11 lbs!!!!!!!

I took my first salsa dancing class tonight, and while I really liked the dance steps, when they put it to non-salsa music (pop music) and made the tempo so fast it seemed more like aerobics and less like real salsa dancing...I wasn't as excited about it as I was before... but it still was fun!

Here's hoping for some good news next weigh in!