May 31, 2008

Busy Week!

We had Kate and family here for the week, so of course I neglected blogging while Kate seemed to manage a post daily!! I may have a few thousand photos of course as they've built up over the week or two I've neglected my blog.

While they were here we did a bit of this:
DSCF2839 DSCF2838

Drank a little bit of this:
(Bailey's in chocolate cups!!)

And of course did a little shopping:
DSCF2851 DSCF2834 DSCF2832

And crafting:
DSCF2852 DSCF2849 DSCF2837 DSCF2830

I made the little brown drawstring bags from funky napkins I thrifted years ago in Maryland. I have one for my knitting and a friend admired one, so I made one for her and Kate admired one and not so subtley hinted she might like one...they are handy for throwing my current knitting project in with all its bits and pieces (patterns, yarns, needles, etc). Now Kate can have one for her newest knitting project!

I am very excited because I finally went out and bought a free motion foot that works on my machine, after a 6 month break, I am back to quilting machine quilts. I only hope to be as good as Katy is one day! Look at the beautiful quilt she made me to try out my free motion foot! I finished up that Christmas tree skirt I started in November when my foot stopped working, and now will work to get the 3 baby quilts I have waiting, just have to finish the stitchery of the names on them.

Free Motion Tree Quilt

Kate helped me pin down the hanging sleeves for the Dear Jane, so I will be sitting in front of the TV for the month of June with many hand sewing projects: label and sleeves for big DJ, quilt the border of the small DJ hanging, finish the stitcheries on the baby quilts and attempt to get the tree of life block quilt hand quilted?? Might have to end up machine stitching that last one!

The kids have absolutely loved having their friends over this week, and the adults had some great nights playing cards and hanging out. Thanks Kate and co. for a great visit!!

May 19, 2008

Dear Jane Revisited...and Some More...

I went outside today with DH and kids to photograph the Dear Jane. Here is the photo we got...not perfect, but Aine is quite under the weather and we couldn't go far afield. A trip to the doc for a bad sore throat (strep?) is on the cards for tomorrow.
Dear Jane in the Wild (outside our house)

Here is a behind the scenes photo showing you that it was our 5 year old daugther who took the photos for us, bless her litte sore throated self! She was excited to do it though, so we went for it.
Trying to get a good photo of the Dear Jane!

Have a look at the girls 2 years ago, when I was starting to construct the top, my how time flies!
Girls on Quilt May 2006

I finished 2 tree quilts, one for myself and one for my swap partner in the ALQS. If you are reading swap partner, which one do you prefer. I actually like them both, but neither is perfect. I hope to have time to hand quilt the swap quilt before I leave and mine over the summer.
Tree Quilt Tree Quilt Green Border

I have neglected to get a photo of my little ballerina shoe knitting which is currently languishing as I work on my DJ wallhanging I still plan on giving away (and hope to time it with my 200th post...yes it has taken this mostly once a week poster 3 years nearly to get to 200!!).

I have to tell you about a visitor we had on Thursday. She found me while surfing for quilters in Ireland and quilt shops in Ireland (almost none to speak of!). She saw the blog and emailed me, and we arranged to meet in Limerick during her bus trip around Ireland. Kay is from Brisbane Australia and came bearing goodies, and a large stuffed dog, Digger, that Aine fell in love with. She had to take Digger around for the day and take photos of him, it has something to do with beer money for the party the last night? Here are some photos of Kay (blogless) and Aine and of Digger with a Killaloe backdrop.
Kay and Aine Digger Dog Does Killaloe

I think she had fun seeing a bit of our countryside and visiting some of my friends and seeing some of my quilts.  My patchwork group leader is the sister of a well-known rugby player/commentator, Keith Wood, and her tour leader is a rugby commentator in Australia, so we stopped in my favorite cafe where the big brother of Mr. Wood is the owner/chef. We hope it duly impressed her tour leader, lol.

She brought me this wonderful stack of magazines and Lynette Anderson's Saltbox Sampler pattern and some yummy scrummy fabrics!! Thank you so much Kay, I hope you enjoyed the visit, Aine had a great time with you!
Huge Stack of Aussie Quilting Mags from Kay!! Lovely Fabrics and Saltbox Sampler from Kay!!

Katy and family will be visiting next Friday for the week. We are all looking forward to the visit. Katy promises to teach me how to make quilted postcards (plan to make some for the Sisters Quilt Show fundraiser for my mom's cancer unit in Bend!!) and I will teach her to knit!!

Mom is doing okay, they didn't stop her treatments, so the doctors aren't too worried about the shingles for the moment. She is hanging in there!

Thanks again everyone who visits, all the comments and friendships really make my day.

May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

You are strong and beautiful and loved! Look at all that support behind you. Remember, bald is beautiful!!

Mom has found out she has shingles on top of the chemo this week, but her spirits still seem strong, please keep her in your prayers and thoughts!

We don't celebrate Mother's Day here in May, in the UK and Ireland it is tied in with Lent and celebrated in March, so no breakfast in bed for me, lol.

I have been feeling the need to get healthier as I watch my mom going through her battle. I have been overweight again for nearly 3 years now and as I am getting older I can feel it in my joints more than I used to. I will be starting my weight battle today again, despite a First Communion party we are attending this afternoon, wish me luck :) On this Mother's Day, I plan on making some changes for this particular momma right here!

Thank you so much everyone for the amazing amount of comments on my Dear Jane. I haven't responded to any yet, but plan to respond to all...took a few days off, lol, though of course I couldn't help but keep crafting from time to time!

The secret socks are done and I have started on some felted ballet slippers for the I am knitting them now, they look like they'd fit me, but they shrink amazingly into that lovely felted fabric! Will have  a photo to show next time.

I've also been working on a few projects for local friends kids, lots of tshirts and onesies. I may sell these at the local Sunday market in the fall...if I get myself organized enough :)
DSCF2791 Shirt for Aine Short Sets for Hannah Vests/Onesies for Baby Lucy

I have started on a wall hanging for Katy's Another Little Quilt Swap. I am actually making two of these at the same time. I have always wanted to do a tree block wallhanging. I hope my swap partner will like it! I am thinking of adding a brown border, it is already 20 inches so only a small border, or should I just add a binding, and forget the border? I plan to hand quilt it. (I will press it out a bit better and get it squared I promise!!)
Tree of Paradise Block

Many have asked what I am going to do next? Nothing so big for a while, lol. Katy and I still have our Dear Jane swap going on, so I'll still be hand piecing some DJ blocks, I'll probably continue to do a lot of hand quilting as I've discovered I love it! But...since we will be spending a lot of time in the States this summer... I don't plan on starting any major projects...right now. I hope to finish my scrappy ocean waves blocks over the summer on a borrowed machine, and to continue knitting. I will work on my cross stitch sampler...lots of little things!

Now, if you made it this far, here is a gratuitous cute picture. Aine's class did an Irish dancing display on Friday, here she is with her partner in the "old time waltz" display, too cute :)

May 8, 2008


Dear Jane is Finished!!
More later, I fell asleep before I could post it last night, lol! Time to get the girls to school!