February 27, 2006

Dear Jane Quilt....Under Construction!!

Okay...I've got the first two blocks sashed to each other...a small start, but a start... I don't know how long this will take me, but if I always have the next block ready, I can do it as a quick, mindless evening straight seam after another...relaxing really! The blocks look strange because I've removed the freezer paper templates in some areas and not in others!

We have another viewing on at least we are getting more people starting to look! We are hoping to hear back from the family that looked on Saturday, but you never we are still keeping all fingers and other appendages, LOL, crossed!

Still working away on some swap blocks, and now the big Dear Jane. I need to get some batting for the baby quilt, and I was thinking of piecing a flannel backing for the baby quilt for a softer back...It will not really go with the front, but since I never really work from any patterns or big plans, I guess I'm a kinda "maverick" at heart, though I'm not sure if I'm maverick enough to join the maverick quilt ring, as that is by invitation only!!!

So...projects to choose from at the moment: quilt my long waiting star sampler quilt, a wedding gift for a friend (wedding last year!), piece two flannel backings: one for my flannel quilt and one for the "amishy" baby quilt, buy batting, get quilting thread for the Dear Jane wallhanging, finish the swap blocks, start on my baby's 2nd birthday quilt...and the list goes on and on...

Tonight I'm finishing up a pregnancy pillow for my sister in law Roisin (ro-sheen) (I know...lots of weird Irish names on my blog!!) it is basically a life sized pillow in the shape of a C to keep her happy with a big bump!! I made one when I was pregnant, but I used some fabric that I liked on it and took it apart to make a quilt from it!!! This time I had plenty of muslin, so made a nice plain one she can throw in the wash. Posted by Picasa

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