April 26, 2007

Office Productivity

I was able to finish the free-motion quilting on Aisling's quilt during the day today while the kids played my new spiffy cool office! I did the hearts freehand and then just did a of these days I want to try those peacock feathers Tazzie described!

I have also gotten to the construction of the cable cardigan...button band, collar and buttons left!!

I got a commission for two more children's name pillows...people keep telling me I should sell them...might just try to do that with a few other kid related fabric items...there is a local Sunday market here that I've been wanting to do something at...just trying to find the right items...

I've been tagged twice for the 5 inspirational blogs meme, gonna have to have a good think about that and do them on my next post!!
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April 17, 2007

I received a lovely package this week from Elizabe...

I received a lovely package this week from Elizabeth at Forgetmenot Quilting! I had sent her out a Pay it Forward swap goodie and she very kindly sent these along! I had admired the chicken pincushion she'd done before, and she filled this lovely one with lavender, it smells heavenly!

She knows me well as she included two gorgeous CW fabrics and some crazy quilting fabrics, as well as some nasturtium seeds!

I have a bit of a fun adventure tomorrow. I will be meeting Pat Sloan in Killarney, Co. Kerry! I emailed her last year after following a link about an Irish quilting trip she was leading last year. They were going through a town where I knew there was one of the maybe 3 quilt shops in the whole country, lol, and wanted to tell them about it. She kept my email and sent me a note to ask if I wanted to meet up with the local quilt guild at her hotel this year, and to bring my Dear Jane, lol!! I don't know her stuff well, but what an honor to meet such a talented quilter! Guess I better learn how to applique more now!!

My friend Kathleen's parents live in Tralee, nearby Killarney so her mom, bless her, will watch the kids for us while we go for a quilty excursion...we may even leave early for a movie (Becoming Jane...we are both Austen fans!) A bit of a mommy break and quilting at the end of it, cool!

Sorry I don't have much crafting to show...we've been in London since last Thursday. My friend Katy and I are Bob Dylan fans from a long way back (well as long as you can go back if you discovered him in 1988, lol!!) We've probably seen a half dozen of his concerts together now in the DC area, Ireland and now the UK... Funny how we met due to a few guys at college in Maryland and because of liking Dylan, and now we are both quilters living in Europe...

How wonderful it is to have real and cyber friends to meet with this week!

I've finished all the parts of my cardigan now, jus thave to construct it and knit up collars and button Dave is heading to Germany next week, so sense some more sock wool coming to my stash soon!

More crafting next week I hope!
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April 1, 2007

Group Projects!

I did this Irish landscape with needle turn applique (except for that tree, I'm not that crazy... a little fusible web for that!). It will be part of a banner for a Brian Boru festival held here in Killaloe/Ballina (one side of our town, Killaloe, is in Clare, where I live, Ballina, is across on the other side of the Shannon River in Tipperary). Brian Boru, a great ancient warrior was supposed to have ruled over this area, so there is a festival every year. I started it at my patchwork group on Wednesday and got so into working on it that I finished it that night... My applique is slowly getting better!

The other project is my next crazy quilt round robin block. The quilt is beautiful in creams, whites, and pastels... I had fun putting some lace and my little spider on it.

My ocean waves are growing slowly...have finished 25/80 now, and have decided to make this bed quilt a duvet cover...possibly using some thin flannel for quilting it and then using muslin or another sheet for the duvet back... we have duvet covers here, not layers of blankets, and my bed is a sleigh type one that a quilt doesn't look right overhanging, its edges really need to be tucked in... has anyone ever made a duvet cover/quilt?
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