January 22, 2006

Dear Jane Blocks are Done!

This guy has 73 pieces, 73!!! No wonder it took most of the week to get it done.

I am exhausted. I am feeling overweight and under-exercised. Gonna put aside the Dear Jane for a while and get my personal life organized a bit!

Will still work on some projects when I find the time, but won't start prepping for putting the DJ top together for a little while.

I think having my DH working away from home and also working myself in the evenings and a few hours during the week when the kids are with a sitter is stressing me at the is always my crutch...but unless I want to go back to my heaviest weight again, I've got to if you don't hear from me for a while...hopefully I'm out walking with my girls! Posted by Picasa


Tracey said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting your DJ finished! It's quite an accomplishment! I'm still working on getting my quilted. One of these days! :o)

Barbara said...


Wow, your Dear Jane blocks are finished! I hope to finish mine some day..

Love your blogg!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You are finished!!! Yeah! I am still just dreaming over the book...

Sometimes a bit of exercise in winter is just what the doctor orders to perk you up. It is so darn cold here that I am really missing my outdoor time!