January 12, 2006

Something a Little Different

My mom doesn't need STUFF for Christmas, but she adores her grandgirls, so I made a little wallhanging for her this year. I strung these three quiltlets together with beads and she loved it. Simple but sweet...and hand made rather than store bought... I might do another few like this, but maybe with vacation memories or something like that...

I have quite a lot of paying work on at the moment, and of course my real full-time job of looking after those girls, so no real quilting today...still hoping to get my last few blocks done for the Dear Jane so I can start putting it together! Tomorrow maybe? As I'll be babysitting for some dear friends so they can have a romantic meal out together...if I can get their kids to bed...I hear the baby is sleep averse LOL!! Posted by Picasa

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Nancy said...

What a nice gift for someone who doesn't need more stuff. My Mom was the same. What you do get for someone who has everything they want (that I could afford to get anyway.) She got lots of quilts/crafty things from me over the years.