January 21, 2006

Quick first using letters!

I woke up this morning and decided I needed to work on some quilting. I've been bogged down with work, and just being on my own with the kids all week (this is an arrangement to continue for the future till we sell this house and buy one near my husband's new job...) and so...a little me time this morning and got this quick and dirty, no preconceived pattern quilt for my friends little boy done... He loves going through my fabric, just like the girls do, and picked out lots of boy type novelty prints and asked if I'd make him a quilt...last summer... so I've finally gotten around to it!! It ain't gonna win no beauty contest, but it is kinda cute...plan to freemotion quilt in words in the blue fabric areas that have to do with the novelty fabrics...I Spy ish...

Anyway...I have a lot to learn about free piecing, but I'm happy with my first try...will use nicer fabrics and contrasts next time... Posted by Picasa

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Tonya R said...

You did some letters - hurrah. Hey, the quilt looks great and it's gonna be snuggled under right? Doesn't need to win a beauty contest for that.