January 11, 2006

May I introduce my kids, two future quilters maybe?

They love to play in my scrap box there...a huge basket full of scraps. I actually have two baskets of scraps...and barely a shelf of yardage/ thinks a dent in this scrap stash this year is in order.

I've decided with some good feedback from Tonya that I will use a different color than muslin to do the background of my alphabet sampler...then got the great idea of using the many hand dye scraps I have to back each alphabet letter in different colorful backgrounds that tye in with whatever novelty I'm using for the letters...should turn out bright and colorful blocks with the alphabets inside...but hopefully not too busy...maybe I'll pick 6 or so background colors (depending on scrap stash!) and alternate them for balance.

I am up at 3am with a bad case of heartburn...but had fallen asleep at 9pm after a long day of cranky kids (oldest DD Aine "onya" has bad cold...youngest cutie there Aisling is a momma's girl who is just cranky in general and who would liked to be sewn permanently onto my hip!!). I hate those times when you are so wiped out you go to bed early but then wake up like I did tonight at 2am and can't get back to sleep for whatever reason...luckily it isn't happening all the time, but with all the colds/viruses/dreaded ick that we've all had since has happened too often form me, LOL!!

Worked on a Dear Jane triangle again today...not too much else I was able to work on except ideas!! Posted by Picasa


Tonya R said...

Beautiful little girls - sorry they're cranky at the moment.
Hand-dyed fabrics sound marvelous for the alphabet - just make sure you have contrast on each one so all your hard work shows up.

samantha said...

I have to stay up late every night, or else I wake up at 2 or 3am wide awake. It drives my hubby crazy... So I totally understand. Hope the girls are in a better mood, and you get some sleep!