September 3, 2015

Tutorial: Beaded Stickpin Butterflies!

This week I want to do a tutorial using some metal stickpin embellishments, making them into gorgeous butterflies by adding the Decorative Corner Dies.  They turned out beautifully but really are a quick and simple technique!

Now I don't want to spend a lot of time doing a tutorial about the beaded stickpins, I want to focus on using the Decorative Corner Dies and how to turn two of the corner dies into a beautiful butterfly embellishment! So, I will do a quick description about the beaded stickpins only. To start off with you can buy decorative stick pins with pearl or beaded heads in many different lengths, such as the one below:

Just use liquid glue to glue the beads you choose onto your stickpin and hang them or prop them upside down to dry overnight till they are on solidly. You can make them any way you wish, there are so many beads to choose from!!

To make the butterfly wings simply cut out two sets of whatever size corner flourish you choose. I have used the Decorative Corner Dies for my samples, but here I am cutting out several of the La-La Land Crafts corner dies, Decorative Corner DieScroll Corner Die, Filigree Corner Die and Lattice Corner Dieon my die cutting machine to make several different examples!

I just used my hot glue gun to take my two corner flourishes and adhere them together.

Next use the same strong hot glue to glue your stickpin to your newly made butterfly!

I folded up the die cuts to make the butterfly more dimensional and that is it! Simple and so pretty!

Here are some closeups of the stickpin embellishments in a layout. The Decorative Corner Die comes in two sizes so I was able to make similar butterflies in two different sizes!
They would work equally well on a card.

Have any of the La-La Land corner flourishes? 
Why not try one of these fun and pretty embellishments for yourself!

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