September 25, 2015

En Pointe!

Hello friends! I am back again for Riddersholm Designs with my latest project, a layout using the gorgeous Vintage Venture Blossoms paper! This week I decided to use some fun photos my daughter took of herself using my Ipad and a timer of her new pointe shoes, she's into her second pair already. Sigh. Hopefully for my budget these last a little longer.

In this first photo you can see I have used some Huntington Garden butterfly tag cut outs. I have also used a Riddersholm Ink-it bloom and tucked in a cute Prima ballerina resin and some twine loops.

I added some gorgeous Ink it cherry blossoms and some Riddersholm Glitter Glass to my layout. Here you can see some the butterflies I inked and added to the layout, as well as the masks and stamps I have used to add texture and dimension.  I titled the layout "En Pointe" "on pointe shoes"!

In my final photo you can see more flowers and resins added to the cluster, I tried to keep the movement flowing diagonally across the page. My feature flower is from Manor House flowers and is called appropriately enough for me, a Ballerina flower!

I had a great time adding layers of masking misting, stamping and glitter to my background and as always adding some great cut outs from the Riddersholm collections. Thanks for stopping by!!

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