August 29, 2007

Fair Trade

Katy's Cool Wallhanging from My Stash!, originally uploaded by Cathi O'Neill.

I don't have any photos of my progress this week, as a photo of some trimmed HSTs, one DJ block quilted, and more of a sock (ready to do toe on the second sock, nearly done!) just aren't really exciting photos!

But look at what Katy has done in a few small increments of time our kids gave us for crafting, in between all our trips out sightseeing! She took the new Joel Dewberry fabric my friend Carrie got me, some other fabrics that work with it and made this cool wallhanging :) I planned to make her one of my moebius baskets eventually, but kept passing by my own one, knowing that she loved the colors, and just figured, hey, I'll make another one to keep later. So I traded her the bowl for the quilt, lol!!
kate 156

We've been having a great time seeing things locally, going dolphin watching, visiting castles, taking kids swimming... My girls are loving have Katy's two big girls and their lovely son Alex here, they get along really well!! Katy is a great cook too, and has made many of our meals, for which I am grateful, since I suck at cooking for large numbers of people, and am just not a relaxed cook.
Running through Garykennedy Woods The Kids Chilling Out

Katy and I went to my patchwork groups monthly evening meeting last night, what a group of insane fun people, we couldn't stop laughing. I plan on taking her to my local quilt lady to peruse some fabrics on Saturday, when the mom's finally get a few hours out without kids, lol.

Aine starts school on Monday, sniff sniff. Aisling is potty trained. I feel like singing "Sunrise Sunset". Where did the time go?


Jenni said...

That's very nice. Is Katy leaving it for you, or will you have to make your own?

Mamaspark said...

Watch out, those girls will grow up soooo quickly! Just take the time to enjoy them now. Mine are all grown up, just one son left at home for 2 more years. It makes a momma's heart proud if not a touch sad too: )

Yvonne said...

Very cool wallhanging and basket. The time does fly by raising the little ones. Cherish and enjoy the ride.

Linda J said...

What a lovely picture of the children running down the path! Your two cuties are growing up though in small ways.

Sounds like you are having a grand time visiting with friends and the kids making some of their own.

laeroport said...

Wow! That is stunning! And what fun to have a friend to run around with ( and who cooks!).

Holly said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures of the kids! Wish I could whip out a little basket like that :)

marisa said...

Your blog is so awesome. I adore you DJ blocks, mentions, and photos. That black and while DJ is out of this world. I'm going to have to have a mention of your blog on my blog and remind folks to check out out!! Very cool.

Jocelyne said...

I can't remember were I saw this fabric before.
I know someone made a dress with it, it's on her blog, but who ?????

ruthsplace said...

The quilt is beautiful, and the basket very cool. It looks like you are all having a great time.

Verry Sherry said...

Sounds like such a great time! Hi to Katy!
Best wishes to Aine for Monday. We had our 'firsts' last week and there were a few tears, mom included. And Congratulations to Aisling!! Well done. Love the basket! xo

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