September 4, 2007

Catching Up

Finished Pomatomus Socks, originally uploaded by Cathi O'Neill.

Boy I wish I could be like Katy when I grow up. She has using small snippets of time down to an art form. When they visited last week, she managed to blog and upload photos nearly every day, while I kind of wandered through the house aimlessly... She cooked several meals for me, bless her, I only did one of the four that we had at home!! She made me a quilt as well... What was I doing during all this? Probably not much! Getting more organized, definitely one of my goals!!

I did get some chances for sock knitting in the car on a few long road trips with the troops. Look my Pomatomus socks are done and I LOVE THEM!! They fit!! I did them shorter than the pattern (did 2 instead of 3 repeats of the pattern. They are so warm and comfy.

Katy and I decided to do an informal block swap of Dear Jane blocks using some purple Civil War repro fabrics she bought from a friend clearing out her stash. She kindly shared them with me, so woo hoo again, more repro fabric, gotta love it. We will each do 2 of the same block and keep one and send the other with no deadline for doing it...just alternating turns. I like the low stress swapping!!

Fabrics for our Dear Jane Swap

I have been very remiss in thanking a few cool bloggers for some lovely packages I got last week! My Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap partner sent me an awesome package! All kinds of sock yarn: Knitpicks, Esprit, more yummy Trekking, and Mountain Colors Bearfoot, it all looks wonderful. There were some postcards and a map from Philly, but no cheesesteaks, guess those don't travel well! I got a calendar, a cool quilters recipe book. She went above and beyond, thank you so much Bev!!

Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap Package

Quilting Video from HanneI also got a wonderful copy of the Roxanne hand quilting video from Hanne, who heard my plea for help figuring out how to do a proper quilting stitch. I am still intimidated by it, but the video is great!!

Big news on the home front: Aine started school yesterday!! Check out my cutie here ready for school. And if you want, there are some videos here of her first day! No tears, but got a little misty eyed...she is so brave and serious about school. Sigh.

 Aine Ready for SchoolAine in her uniform


Sarah said...

Ahhh, first day at school! And you were so brave and didn't bawl in front of her LOL
I think I understand about your friend being all organized. I get like that when I travel. Outside my comfort zone I am all aware and focused and nervous energy. I imagine if the tables are turned, you would reciprocate.
But enjoy that moment!

Yvonne said...

She is just the cutest! Your socks are wonderful.
I agree with Sarah...relax and enjoy.
Your goodies are very nice!

Andrea said...

Loved the little video of Aine going to school. It's a bittersweet moment letting them go. your Dear Jane swap sounds fabulous ! I'm jealous. Those fabrics are lovely ! How is the hand quilting on your DJ going ?

katelnorth said...

Well, it's easy to be productive in someone else's house, as there aren't a million little stupid things waiting for you to do them... Also, I don't have a 3 year old :)

Oh, and hey, you wanna watch standing on the coffee table in wool socks - might slip and break your ankle, which would be bad bad bad.