August 10, 2007

The Rhythm of Life

Aine and her first row of her own quilt, originally uploaded by Cathi O'Neill.

Look at Aines first quilt row! I marked little dots on the backs of two squares and she used needle and thread to go up and down through those dots. I untangled threads for her, but she stitched all those squares together herself. We haven't done any more since last week, but she did great!!

Not a huge amount of dramatic photos to show you this week, as I am constantly working in small snippets of time on four main projects. I try to quilt one Dear Jane square each day (count now up to 52 squares quilted!!), I am working on my second sock (up to heel flap now), I am doing freehand fans on the applecore quilt (doesn't look much different from last week!), and I am slowly sewing together my HSTs for more ocean waves blocks.

Pomatomus Second SockBig Stack o'HSTs

Of course while doing all this, I am trying to change the million dress up costumes the girls want changed about every 5 minutes, cleaning toilets, cooking meals, running errands, getting out the few sunny days (it is raining again today!) to the park and friends houses with the kids... It is a nice rhythm of life, and things do get accomplished...slowly!Cinderella and Tinkerbell!

I wanted to show you all the gorgeous batiks that Micki, another quilting "Yank" here in Ireland sent me when we swapped Civil War fabrics for batiks! I'm well on the way to get my dad's quilt started...just need to get some good snowy mountain fabric. Thank you so much for the large pieces of batik!!Fabrics from Micki

We had a bank holiday on Monday, so Dave and I packed the kids in the car and headed for the West Coast of Ireland. We walked along a beach or two, I knit quite a lot of my sock, and look what town we went through, I just had to take a photo for the blog, sad I know!



Tazzie said...

Wow, life is busy for you! Your girls are little darlings, such angelic faces. I know I would have taken a picture of that street sign for sure!
Have a great weekend

Tracy said...

Look at your little angels! They are adorable...And what a milestone--Aine's first quilting! Busy, but good days there...Love that sign! Have a great weekend all of you! ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

Yea!!!! Look at her go.

Andrea said...

Good for Aine - thats some achievement for a little girl. They are so sweet and look like little angels - bet they're not though -lol ! That signpost is great -but the big question is - did the town have a Quilt Shop ?

Susan said...

What a great job - how exciting to pass it along to the next generation. The girls look darling in their little costumes. I had a friend whose daughter did this same thing. Love the signpost!

The batiks are gorgeous! You can never have too many. Let me know if you need more for your project. I got the steal of a lifetime earlier this summer.

gwen said...

Thank you for your mail, I will think of you next time I go to a Leclerc superstore! I am like you, I have quite a few projects on the go: socks, sewing, quilting,... but I like to be able to do different at different time and different places. I have a niece (5) who loves costumes, and PINK so I know where you stand now! Keep on the good work and take care.

Kate said...

what you really should have done was take a photo of the sock by the sign... :)

Evelyn said...

Great 1st row there - glad you took a photo to mark the moment - perhaps you could transfer the photo to the back of the finished quilt someday - as a label?

Keep busy! Little bits and pieces DO add up over time, despite the constant stops and starts (I don't really call them interruptions, because as you so adeptly pointed out - it is the rhythm of life!).

The girls are getting big. I swear, my Growing Little Boy grows when he sleeps!



laeroport said...

Wonderful work, Aine!
Slow and steady..... :)

Clare said...

Like mother like daughter. Before you know where youare whe'll be helping you quilt the DJ !!!

Beautiful batiks. Have fun with them. And, yes, quilting fans by hand is fun. I love doing them.

Jeanne said...

It's always wonderful to see the first pieces of a new quilter. Aine looks very pleased and proud of her stitching, as she should. You have such beautiful children, Cathi. With hand quilting, I think it just gets better with practice. Ami Simms has a good book on hand quilting. I think you're doing great so far.

spacecamper said...

Beautiful pinks, Aime - can't wait to see what you choose next!