August 25, 2006

No Moving Anywhere Today...

But I did finish the top for my Crazy Quilt!

If you can believe it, the lawyer for the purchaser never got the mortgage organized for today, and in the meantime the moving company cancelled our moving date anyway... so we are still here, with a new moving date of next Tuesday. We couldn't believe it when we called the moving company yesterday afternoon. In the morning they had told us they could move it all into storage today even if we didn't move it to the house. When we called, they had cancelled the whole thing, no moving to the house, no moving to storage, nothing, so even if by some miracle the house purchase could have been completed today, we couldn't moved anyway. Ugh. I hate moving. All our pots and pans are packed, as up until yesterday afternoon we were working on the premise that we would be packing into storage today. Hello takeaway, bye bye Weight Watchers till next week!

In order to destress last night, I finished up my last few crazy quilt blocks and sewed them together with no sashing and a brown border. Thanks for all the good opinions on that previous post...I like them set without the sashing!

Anyway, we will be camping out here in the house till Tuesday, so evenings will be filled with Dear Jane sewing and my new knitting project...fuzzy pink scarves for the girls this winter! I'll be signing off the computer on Sunday and DH will bring the computer in his car Monday when he heads back to work. It may be a week or two or three before post again, or I may just be an addict and pay per minute for dialup every once in a while.

You may see some Dear Jane progress or knitting progress later this I am still well addicted to reading my blogs and will not be able to stay away, LOL!

Off with the family into town to donate some toys to charity shops, and return library books...and get some Subway subs for lunch - they made it here to the wilds of Ireland! Posted by Picasa

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