August 3, 2006

Little Mischief Montessori

This is the little quilt so far... just need Montessori and then to sort out a border, am thinking about lots of scrappy blocks for the border, but maybe I should use just one color to calm it down a bit, as the words are very scrappy! I'll use muslin to sew the words together and a few inches around them, so the border frames them nicely.

A friend has commissioned me to a pillow as a gift for a godson, so I know I have another free pieced letter project for next week! They are a lot of fun and don't take ages, and the kids love to see their names, so I imagine that I might be doing many birthday gifts using this idea in the future...

Have had a lot of work to do the last few days, and so quilting has taken a back seat to work after kids are in bed. No more crazy quilt blocks for tonight. But maybe tomorrow, or over the weekend!

Goodnight from this "artisan/designer/liberated (read "imprecise"/crazy" quilter! Posted by Picasa

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