August 21, 2006

Moving Day...Friday?

Blogger has disappeared several posts in the last is getting a little frustrating. Here are the few things I was going to collection of sewing tins...the sampler one I got from a thrift store for 10 cents! It holds my threads...and other sewing stuff... The house one has my basting is a tin I bought in Giverny in is Claude Monets house... The Cream of Wheat tin is my traveling sewing kit...with a spool of hand piecing thread (mettler) and some #12 sharp needles, a small scissors and seam ripper...

The other photo is the last pillow I did for Aine's favorite teacher. Aine helped me pick out the scraps for it and had great fun.

I'm so tired and stressed these days with the move. The purchaser's lawyer hasn't sent back everything, so we are not sure about Friday, though the mover is booked already. I can't wait to be settled somewhere again!

Anyway, I hope I don't get kicked out of the ring from lack of posting, I hope to be back within a week, but if not, I'm drowning in a sea of boxes. I shall return and get back to my regularly scheduled quilting! Posted by Picasa

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