October 21, 2013

May Arts Halloween Challenge


I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the 20 participants for the May Arts Halloween Challenge. We were able to pick out 4 of the 6 ribbons above to work with. I chose the Orange and Black PomPom Trim, the awesome Spiderweb Ribbon, the Black Silk Ribbon and the Black Stitched Ribbon.  Here is what I came up with!!

I decided to do a folk art doll for my challenge entry! I used an angel pattern I have and revamped it for a more sinister purpose (though really my witch looks like more of a good witch, lol!)  The body is sewn from muslin with the exception of the legs which were made from the spiderweb ribbon! I think they make amazing tights for my little witch!! 

I took inspiration from the ruffled dress on the inspiration photo and made a ruffled, tiered skirt from all the different ribbons I chose. I added more of the spiderweb ribbon to the dress and also gave her a spidery shawl/cape.

I found a little stick from our garden (well my daughter found it for me really!) used some raffia from my stash and wrapped it with the stitched edge ribbon. I also created a little witches hat from felt and added black stitch ribbon to that as well!  The black twine makes a great scraggly hair for my witch.

I really had a great time making this doll, and my youngest has had a great time since flying her around the house on various adventures! I love that she still loves to play with the rag dolls I have made her. At the age of 9, it is lovely to see as some kids grow up way too fast!!  Thank you so much Bethney for the chance to play!!!


ruthsplace said...

What a fun project. My 6 year old came home from school traumatised by all the children talking about vampires all the time, makes me sad that they grow up so fast.

ruthsplace said...
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kerriegurney said...

Cathi i love this so much ... ♥