July 8, 2013

Boho Chic Flowers: My 2nd Round Submission for May Arts

I knew I wanted to make another flower for my May Arts Second Round project, but I wanted to show how versatile it is!! Here is my gorgeous model Aine showing you the flower as a hair clip and a pin, but I have put it to use in lots of different ways: wearable art, gift packaging, as a card motif, on a scrapbook layout, on a bag and even on some shoes!! Have a look at some of the finished projects after the tute!

To make this flower I used:

Step 1:

Take a 12 inch length of the Aqua Natural Burlap/Stripe Edge/Wired ribbon and with needle and thread use a running stitch to gather the ribbon together to form a circle...stitch the ends of the ribbons together.

Step 2:

As I will be using the burlap to make a patchwork pillow and a tote, I chose the 4 inch Wired Natural Burlap Ribbon they had. To make the burlap circle for the flowers, cut a 6 inch length and then cut it so that you have 2 1.5 inch with pieces from it...this will make the burlap detail for 2 flowers!

Since the burlap is wired on the edge I found the easiest way to make a circular layer of burlap was to hand gather it bending the wire to form the circle.

When you are done you can use needle and thread or hot glue to tack together the two layers you have made so far.

Step 3:

Next take a 6 inch piece of your Aqua Twill Chevron Stripes 1.5 inch ribbon. Cut this in half and use one of the pieces to make your next gathered circular ruffle for the flower.

Take a 6 inch piece of your 3/8 inch Cream Crochet Trim next and gather this into a circle as well, and we are done with the sewing for this flower! 

 Layer the chevron and the crochet ruffles on the flower and sew or glue into place.

Step 5:

Nearly there! I took a six inch piece of Wired Pearl Trim and twisted it together into a circle, I layered this on top of the flower and glued it into place.


Step 6:

As a final touch I add one tiny pearl from the wire into the center of the lace and add two Faux Suede Leaves in Natural.

Voila! You are done!!  One fun, Boho Chic Flower finished!!!

Just to show the versatility of this flower, here I have it as a hair clip, on a hat, on a jacket and even on some shoes!!


Attach a hair clip to the back of your flower and it makes a beautiful hair accessory!

If you have two hair clips you can decorate some shoes with them!!

Add a pin and it makes a cute decorations for a hat and a jacket!!


Here is a quick explanation on my Patchwork Burlap Pillow!! I cut the 4 inch wired burlap ribbon into 4 inch squares.

I sewed the squares together in a nine patch pattern (my background as a quilter showing through here!).

I added muslin as a backing for stability and then stuffed. I finished the pillow off with a boho chic flower, a cute home decor accent!

I also had enough the wide burlap trim left to make a cute tote for my daughter, this time I put my seams on the outside for something different and added  three flowers to accent it. I used the Blue Natural Burlap/Stripe Edge/Wired ribbon for the handles...a cute summery tote! My girls are fighting over this one, so I think I will have to make a second one!!


These flowers add a special touch to gifts and packaging... Here I made the gift of a hair clip part of the packaging, using the Aqua Twill Chevron Stripes 1.5 inch ribbon to wrap the gift.

Here I made a card, and made the hair clip part of the design:

Here is the card without the hair clip attached, still pretty even without the clip!!


And of course, last but not least, as I love to do layouts, I used the ribbons that were part of the flower to create a special layout as well!! I used leftover bits of 4 inch Wired Natural Burlap Ribbon from creating the flowers, pillow and tote to make a background for the photo, I pleated the gorgeous Aqua Natural Burlap/Stripe Edge/Wired ribbon to make a lovely textured effect below the photo and layered the 3/8 inch Cream Crochet Trim over top of it. Finally, I took some of the Aqua Twill Chevron Stripes 1.5 inch ribbon and made little banners with it and tucked them under my flower. I used beautiful UHK papers and tags, a Blue Fern heart chipboard and Prima letters to finish off the layout.

As you can see there are so many ways you can use your ribbon flowers to embellish
wearable art, packaging, home decor and for cardmaking and scrapbooking.
I hope you enjoyed my ideas!!


Monica said...

Enlightening and versatile.

I"m so impressed!

Unknown said...

Beautiful projects, Cathi!!! Awesome flower :) I especially love that pillow!

Pammejo said...

Cathie, beautiful projects, love the versatility of the flower you made and all the fun ways to incorporate it. Good luck on round two.

Norma Gomez said...

You did a fabulous job Cathi!! I love your flower and how versatile it is. Thanks for sharing how you made it!! Good luck!!!

Lee aka Violent Kittie said...

You're such a talented lady! I love the hat and bag. When are you taking orders?

soo said...

Simply gorgeous

misty said...

gorgeous projects! I especially LOVE that burlap pillow! So cool!

Vicki said...

Cathi, fabulous flower from the May Art ribbons! It is amazing how wonderful it looks on all of your spectacular projects. Your daughter is a beauty too!

Keren Tamir said...

Love this versatile flower. Every project on this post is fabulous. My fave is the pillow. Your daughter is the perfect model both her hair and herself are so beautiful. Good luck!! You are perfect for them!!!

Denise van Deventer said...

So creative what you did with those trims! Love the different textures together! Beautifully done!

LISA said...

These are the most fabulous ways to use 1 single gorgeous flower!!! My fave is the tote!! Those 3 flowers just make burlap look so darn rich!!! Of course the flowers to adorn your hair or a hat is also one of my fave things to do!! Love all of the projects Cathi!! May arts would be crazy not to have you!!! Great tutorial as well. You have me digging out my burlap!!!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Loving that flower and your fabulous tute! The tote bag and the pillow are my faves! Fingers crossed fro you!

Sandi Clarkson said...
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Andrea Amu said...

Simply amazing how you showcased your flowers in a variety of projects! You've been super busy, and I must say that I LOVE your burlap tote and pillow projects! Your BoHo Chic flower in aqua and natural is stunning as well. Wow!

Sassy said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Cathi! I love how you showcased the flower! So very versatile! Good Luck!

Jessica Kephart | A Homespun Affair said...

Fabulous job on round two!!



kitsNbits said...

Cathi, you did so much with that flower. Love it, the flower on the purse and the woolen hat were my favorite. Of course I am a scrapper and you do fabulous layouts!!

Gloria Stengel said...

Brilliant! I love the tote bag the most! You rrock!