May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

You are strong and beautiful and loved! Look at all that support behind you. Remember, bald is beautiful!!

Mom has found out she has shingles on top of the chemo this week, but her spirits still seem strong, please keep her in your prayers and thoughts!

We don't celebrate Mother's Day here in May, in the UK and Ireland it is tied in with Lent and celebrated in March, so no breakfast in bed for me, lol.

I have been feeling the need to get healthier as I watch my mom going through her battle. I have been overweight again for nearly 3 years now and as I am getting older I can feel it in my joints more than I used to. I will be starting my weight battle today again, despite a First Communion party we are attending this afternoon, wish me luck :) On this Mother's Day, I plan on making some changes for this particular momma right here!

Thank you so much everyone for the amazing amount of comments on my Dear Jane. I haven't responded to any yet, but plan to respond to all...took a few days off, lol, though of course I couldn't help but keep crafting from time to time!

The secret socks are done and I have started on some felted ballet slippers for the I am knitting them now, they look like they'd fit me, but they shrink amazingly into that lovely felted fabric! Will have  a photo to show next time.

I've also been working on a few projects for local friends kids, lots of tshirts and onesies. I may sell these at the local Sunday market in the fall...if I get myself organized enough :)
DSCF2791 Shirt for Aine Short Sets for Hannah Vests/Onesies for Baby Lucy

I have started on a wall hanging for Katy's Another Little Quilt Swap. I am actually making two of these at the same time. I have always wanted to do a tree block wallhanging. I hope my swap partner will like it! I am thinking of adding a brown border, it is already 20 inches so only a small border, or should I just add a binding, and forget the border? I plan to hand quilt it. (I will press it out a bit better and get it squared I promise!!)
Tree of Paradise Block

Many have asked what I am going to do next? Nothing so big for a while, lol. Katy and I still have our Dear Jane swap going on, so I'll still be hand piecing some DJ blocks, I'll probably continue to do a lot of hand quilting as I've discovered I love it! But...since we will be spending a lot of time in the States this summer... I don't plan on starting any major projects...right now. I hope to finish my scrappy ocean waves blocks over the summer on a borrowed machine, and to continue knitting. I will work on my cross stitch sampler...lots of little things!

Now, if you made it this far, here is a gratuitous cute picture. Aine's class did an Irish dancing display on Friday, here she is with her partner in the "old time waltz" display, too cute :)


Julia said...


all my best whishes to your mom - I really hope she'll win her battle!!!

I've already seen your DJ's awesome, gorgeous - so impressive...and so are your little sweethearts ;o)
I think after such a big project one need some time to do just some small things (the tree wallhanging-to-be is beautiful. If I were your swap partner, I would really enjoy it)
Greetings from Germany,

Elly said...

Best wishes for your First Holy Communion Celebrations today. Thoughts and prayers for both you and your mum.
And yes I did make it as far at the cute photo :-D the little girl facing the camera looks almost identical to my sister's girl, my niece. thank you for sharing. Ellyx up in Scotland.

Barbara said...

Cathi, I hope your Mom is having a very special and wonderful Mother's Day. And I wish you lots of success with your weight loss plans ... you're not alone in that particular boat!

Happy crafting!!

katelnorth said...

nice tree! and what a cute girl. my kids are getting very excited about coming to visit - Alex especially. wants to see his girlfriend, I think, lol.

Hedgehog said...

Best wishes to your mom! Love the tree, and the walzing photo!

Susan Shepard said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, your daughters are beyond adorable. I love the look on Aine's face.

I sure hope your mom gets over the shingles soon. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Kristie said...

My love and prayers go out to your mother. I bought a card and it should go out in the mail in the morning. Such a cute photo of your daughter!!! Precious memories!

Jane Weston said...

Sorry to hear that your mom is suffering with shingles...I guess when the body is low everything and anything can attack. I know when my dad was in hospital for treatment of his cancer he picked up VRE and we all had to be gowned and masked up to visit. Funny thing was he mistook me for the nurse and thought I was there to poke and prod him! I'll be keep you both in my thoughts and hope that your mom's ordeal soon comes to an end.

That's a very sweet picture of your little one. Hope the boy didn't step on her toes. ;o)



The Quilting Pirate said...

Cathi, I just love reading your blog!

Mom is always in my thoughts and prayers as well as you and your family.

What adorable items to sell!! Get organize girlfriend and sell these! Extra money in the fall is always a good thing!!

Your ALQS project looks great!! I'm working on mine as well and like the idea of making two :)

TOOO precious, your darling girl dancing! Was Daddy watching him too ;)

The Chocolate Cat said...

Your poor Mum. Sending her lots of good wishes for a speedy recovery from the shingles. Love the tree block.

Tracy said...

Happy Mom's day belated to you. And what a lovely tribute to your mom, Cathi! Bald IS beautiful! Love and prayer continuing her way :o) Your kiddie projects are super--lovely decorated clothes. And your DJ--it is breathtaking. HOORAY--she's done! :o) Aine dancing...what a sweet miss...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anna K. said...

Happy Mum's Day to you, too! I know what you mean about feeling the urge to get healthy while watching everything your mom's going through. I was putting off joining Curves...and then my Mom, from her hospital bed, told me not to be like her and to get back in shape. Well, I joined the very next week and have already been seeing results. I wish you every success in your efforts to live well!! Best wishes and continued prayers to your Mom, Cathi.

Angela said...

Happy belated (really belated actually) Mother's Day to you! Your DJ is simply amazing and so are you and your Mom. How you manage to do all you do is amazing to me!

Linda J said...

What a precious picture of your daughter and the rest of the dance class!

Shingles are not a nice thing to have but I bet your mom will meet that with the same attitude that has served her so well to this point.

Best wishes on your committment to your OWN health. I've been at it for over a year and have to keep reminding myself that it didnt go on overnight and it will take time to get it off when I get discouraged. Your energy level will really pickup even if you just lose 10 lbs of it though to say nothing of those achy joints.

Bonnie said...

Your DJ is wonderful!!! I can only dream of some day getting this top into a completed quilt...too many irons in the fire..but at least the parts and pieces are together and a top is "some kind" of finish!


Cathie said...

Wow Cathi - your Dear Jane is STUNNING! What an accomplishment. I have recently started blogging about my begining a DJ and, let me say those little blocks are a pain in the @#$!@$#@!$# to work on. But it is quite a learning experience and oh what an adventure. Yours is beautiful - it looks like the one in the Dear Jane Book - at first glance I thought that's what it was.
Bravo Chica!

Violette said...

The DJ quilt is gorgeous. I am gonna start one in January. How did you decide to use a white background, as opposed to the black and pink ones that I have seen?