May 31, 2008

Busy Week!

We had Kate and family here for the week, so of course I neglected blogging while Kate seemed to manage a post daily!! I may have a few thousand photos of course as they've built up over the week or two I've neglected my blog.

While they were here we did a bit of this:
DSCF2839 DSCF2838

Drank a little bit of this:
(Bailey's in chocolate cups!!)

And of course did a little shopping:
DSCF2851 DSCF2834 DSCF2832

And crafting:
DSCF2852 DSCF2849 DSCF2837 DSCF2830

I made the little brown drawstring bags from funky napkins I thrifted years ago in Maryland. I have one for my knitting and a friend admired one, so I made one for her and Kate admired one and not so subtley hinted she might like one...they are handy for throwing my current knitting project in with all its bits and pieces (patterns, yarns, needles, etc). Now Kate can have one for her newest knitting project!

I am very excited because I finally went out and bought a free motion foot that works on my machine, after a 6 month break, I am back to quilting machine quilts. I only hope to be as good as Katy is one day! Look at the beautiful quilt she made me to try out my free motion foot! I finished up that Christmas tree skirt I started in November when my foot stopped working, and now will work to get the 3 baby quilts I have waiting, just have to finish the stitchery of the names on them.

Free Motion Tree Quilt

Kate helped me pin down the hanging sleeves for the Dear Jane, so I will be sitting in front of the TV for the month of June with many hand sewing projects: label and sleeves for big DJ, quilt the border of the small DJ hanging, finish the stitcheries on the baby quilts and attempt to get the tree of life block quilt hand quilted?? Might have to end up machine stitching that last one!

The kids have absolutely loved having their friends over this week, and the adults had some great nights playing cards and hanging out. Thanks Kate and co. for a great visit!!


Vicki W said...

Sounds like you both had a fantastic visit! Can I come visit next?

Clare said...

And you still had time to play Word Twist! Glad you both had a ball! What is the ruin? I'm an Anglo Irish fanatic and love to read the history of the "big houses" that are no more.

sherry said...

Sounds so productive! I love the tree quilt--trying to see closely, are the trees quilting? free motion and is it finished? I love it. I only ask if it is finished cause you say you are going to attempt to quilt it...told kate on next visit to give me a ping and I'll drop down there for a coffee, if self-inviting is ok? love to see you both!

Karol-Ann said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Yummmmm - those chocolate Baileys cups sound deee-vine :-)
Lovely drawstring bags, very useful! I love the little knitted ballet slipper - too cute, and of course great shopping!
Tours available? LOL

anne bebbington said...

I LOVE Baileys but the thought of drinking it from chocolate cups sends it from gorgeous to sublime - mmm mmmmmmmmmmm :o))))

Susan Shepard said...

So glad you had time together with Kate and her family. Sounds like it did everyone good. I love the looks of your (and Kate's!) shopping. Nothing like having a like-minded friend to shop with.

ruthsplace said...

Looks like a fantastic week, and well done on getting Kate knitting :)

Lynne in Hawaii said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. It is so fun to share your favorite places and foods. We just spent a week showing friends our island of Oahu. Packed in a lot in just a week. It is so fun but sure nice to sleep in for a change!

Vanessa said...

Hi Cathi
I found you by accident and I amso glad I did!
Your Dear Jane is absolutely mind blowing! I admire you and your work so much...I could never do that.
I am enjoying reading about you and hope that Aine is feeling better...bless her.
My father's family live in Wexford...I am going there one day...
Take care
from an Aussie blogger

Angela said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful week :0). LOVE the new goodies and I'm jealous of the Bailey's in the chocolate cups. Yum!

Melissa said...

Hi Cathi! Thanks for visiting me, and now I can add your blog to my reading list! No pinging though...

molly said...

Your DJ quilt is amazing! And your pics of the countryside have me lonesome for home.....

Kristin said...

Wow, you are busy! I love the baby quilt and I think you did a great time with the quilting. How did you do those flowers? I'm still very unsure with my machine quilting, perhaps it's time for another class. I commented on your mom's blog. I hope things get better. The last stretch really seems to go on forever.

Laila Nævervei said...

Hello from Norway
Lovely quilt:-)
Have a creative week;-)

Lissa said...

Now baileys in a chocolate cup is something I think I'd like!!! congrats on the DJ finish!!!