April 17, 2008

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I had a great visit with my mom and dad last week, and really loved all the great comments I got from everyone. Mom appreciates all the good thoughts and well wishes. I have a special request before I get to the quilting and knitting news... Mom is losing her hair now and the chemo has affected her more this second time around, she sounds a bit down now that her kids have both had to return back to their regular schedules. Could you help me cheer her up? I'd love her to get some cards or postcards from everywhere, anywhere in the world to put up on her card cheered me up looking at it as we put them up and I know that it gives her a lot of pleasure to see all those cards and what they mean. If you are up to sending a card, just email me at catherineoneill at I'll send over her address. Mom got your card, Beth, and was pleased that my friends were thinking of her. Thank you.

On the crafty front, I finished my hand quilting project I started in Bend. Thimbleanna asked me why on earth I was taking a quilting class after quilting a Dear Jane, lol??  The main reason: I stab stitched nearly the whole quilt, one stitch at a time! I would love the learn that beautiful elegant rocking stitch I see so many doing. teacher in Bend said my stitches were even and good enough, it didn't matter that my rocking stitch wasn't like hers, it got the job done, and that was good enough. I can't use a thimble to save my life, which is too bad as I spent a lot of money on a gorgeous Roxanne one! Maybe someday, but then again, I am getting the job done so why bother?? Here is the finished quilting practice. I think I might make it into a pillow.

 I also started a pair of socks for a friend who has a big birthday in November (think I'm giving myself enough time to finish them?). I can't really show them on here, as I'd like her to have a surprise so maybe I'll just put a little teaser in... I'm fairly into knitting them now, as Barbara has been asking me lots of questions about sock knitting lately, due to her newfound obsession,  and it got me back into knitting again them again tool.
Sneaky Peek

I've put my cross stitch aside for now, as I need to get down to work on my Dear Jane to get it done in the next 10 weeks before our summer visit with mom and dad. The kids are really getting excited about it, the visit, not the cross stitch!
Cross Stitch Sampler

So, plans for the forseeable future: secret socks, Kate's quilt swap quilt, working on the Dear Jane scallops, some hand quilting on another little Dear Jane wallhanging I am working on. Would anyone be interested in owning this? I might do this as a giveaway in the future if anyone is interested! I'll have my full size one done about the same time.
Dear Jane Wallhanging

I've also gotten some lovely mail lately. Nicky and I did a swap and here is the gorgeous stitchery she sent me from Leanne Beasley!
Swap Gifties from Nicky

Barbara sent me a birthday present that arrived after I'd left for the States: sock yarn, how did she know?? :) Thank you!!!
Lovely Sock Yarn from Barbara

OOOOOH also...I got some MOO cards!! They are sooo cool!!! small business card like things with photos from my flickr account, very  cool!
Moo Cards

I promise to try to write more often instead of doing these huge posts with 20,000 photos. If you've gotten this far, thank you so much!


Beth said...

I was just thinking of you today waiting to hear you got back safe and sound from your travels. I'm glad your mom got the card I sent her, I enjoyed doing it. I kept her address, I might have to send her cards on a regular basis to just cheer her up. Did you say you're going to be in Bend for the quilt show? My brain these days, I can't remember. I can't wait to go, I'm making a quick road trip up and back. Maybe we can meet up and say hi and get a bloggy picture.

Jodie said...

I'd love to send your mum a postcard, what a great idea. Send me her postal address and I will post it off next week.

As for your DJ wallhanging, could you really part with it? If you do decide to do a giveaway, I will definately be entering.

Welcome back to blogland,

Beth said...

P.S. I think your hand quilting is gorgeous, even though you don't do it the way everyone else does. I think you should be proud of yourself just that you finished a Dear Jane!

Diana said...

I think your quilting is beautiful--such even stitches.

Connie W said...

Cathi, So good to have you back posting here after being away. I'd be happy to send your mom a card too. Your quilting is outstanding.

Kristie said...

So sorry to hear that your mom is not feeling so well this time around. I would love to send her a card to cheer her up and to let her know that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

I LOVE you handquilting, it is wonderful. I'll tell you a funny story several years ago, I got the big idea that I was going to handquilt a queen size quilt and it was to be my first handquilting project. Now I didn't really know that much about it, but I had read a STUPID article that said the smaller stitches the better. Well, I started quilting and then being very proud I showed my Mom since I wanted to surprise her...she looked at me like I was CRAZY. She got out her glasses and we counted 22 inches in an inch!!! Needless to say...I have never finished that quilt. The center is done but there is NOWAY that I could finish the whole quilt with those stitches! Now my stitches are a little bigger but I mostly try to concentrate on keeping them even.

I guess I am getting carried away, but I just love your DJ wall hanging! If you do decide to part with it put me in. As you know I am planning on trying the DJ too, so this could be a real inspiration...

barbara Karlsson said...

*lol* Yes I know...I am wicked like that..getting you into the knit again just to help me... BIG HUGS!

Barbara said...

Your hand quilting is astonishing! I'd be thrilled to pieces if I could stitch even half so neatly!

If you ever do a give-away for the Dear Jane wallhanging, I'll be entering!! LOL!

Tazzie said...

Wow Cathie, your hand quilting is just wonderful - the stitches are wonderful and neat. And you have received such wonderful treats in the mail.

Karol-Ann said...

Wow your handquilting is great. Doesn't matter how you do it, as long as it works for you. And it works for you!

Sorry to hear about your Mom, please send me her address. And then send me the wallhanging too ha ha - just kidding. I would love to send her a postcard from here.

Nice Moo cards too, all in all another enjoyable post to read.

VerrySherry said...

hi welcome back.
pls send me mom's address and include her name, I'd like to write a note.
You sound fabulous and with so much on your plate!!
talk to you soon. xoxo

The Chocolate Cat said...

Your handquilting is beautiful. It will make a lovely cushion. The Dear Jane wallhanging is fantastic, sure you couldn't actually part with it.

The Quilting Pirate said...

gosh, you have been busy!! I'm glad your visit with mom was a nice one! Ya'll are in my thoughts.

And I'll say YES to receiving that dj wall hanging ;) hehehe

What a great mail box--filled to the rim!!

And for the record, I LOVE pictures!

susan shepard said...

I'd love to send your mom a card, Cathi. I had her address at one point but I'm almost sure I didn't keep it, so e-mail away. And I love your posts with lots of photos, so don't change your style on my account!

anne bebbington said...

If only I could hand quilt like that whatever motion you use - sigh!!

Bubblesknits said...

I'd be more than happy to send your mom a post card, too! I'm so glad you got to spend some time with her.

The quilting is beautiful, as usual! :-) You make some of the prettiest things!

ruthsplace said...

Oh, wow, so much pretty stuff, love your moo cards, and the sock yarn.

I'd be interested in your DJ wall-hanging.

Your hand quilting is fabulous!

Send me your mum's name and address, I'll be happy to send a card.

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful quilting. And moo cards. And socks. And little Dear Jane -- are you kidding -- who wouldn't want to own that??? Also, I'd love to send your mom a card -- can you send her address in a reply to this message?

Caryn Stalter said...

I'd love to send your mom a card! What a great idea! Your handquilting is gorgeous - no matter how you do it! I love your Dear Jane too!

mamaspark said...

I would love to send your mom a card. Please email me her address. I think your hand quilting is just wonderful. Where did you order your moo cards from?

Kate said...

Love those socks :) Which is a good thing, probably! Your handquilting looks super, wish mine were so even - perhaps if I practiced a lot... Oh well, we can't all be good at everything and I think I will stick to the machine!

colleen said...

Love the dear little Jayne!Glad you are back to the quilting....lovely stitching.

Cheri said...

I found your blog! You do such beautiful work -- I am awed by your handquilting "practice"!

Guess it's a very interconnected quilting world online, because I've been watching Anne's blog as she's made all those beautiful heart quilts, and you have one.

Sorry to hear about your mom. That hairy cap you made her is a stitch!

Dot said...

Congrats on the Dear Jane. The girls certainly look like they are enjoying the new quilt. I am happy to hear your mom is better. You are busy but a very good busy if you know what I mean.

gerda said...

What a beautiful dear jean!!!!! i have six-bloks readey...and it take's a while before i finnished it..(lol)
have a nice day

Julie said...

I am sorry about your Mom. Hope she is all well soon! Your girls look like they are enjoying the dear Jane quilt...I love it each time I see it on your blog.

jean said...

Hello! I'm about to hand quilt a feather wreath on an Amish-style diamond in a square quilt, after only machine quilting for too long. I googled hand quilting and yours is the first feather style wreath I've seen. My problem is that I have no idea what the "best path"is to make the wreath. Mine is a double wreath - and I would sure appreciate it if you would share your plan with me. Thanks! Jean