January 25, 2008

Unexpected Blog Break, But I'm OK

Thank you everyone who has checked in on me after my blog break was heading for the two week mark. I am doing okay... a bit emotional about being 6000 miles away from my parents during a hard time (dad has since all this started had kidney stones and other issues that need to be checked into himself this week, when it rains it pours). I have not been doing well with eating (food is always my crutch under stress), but have thrown myself into swimming, and activities for the girls and kept busy.

I can't really concentrate on a lot of crafting stuff right now, but have been obsessed with my DJ quilting which I can do without thinking, just sitting down and stitching away, so I have done that often...late at night or early in the morning, in between crazy hectic days! Here is a photo of a kite and a few triangles quilted in one of the borders.
Kite and Triangle DJ Quilting

I also have been the lucky recipient of a few packages! I did a trade with Jennifer at Moving Hands, I sent a bunch of civil war repro scraps for her Dear Jane blocks and she sent back all these lovely Quiltgate Japanese taupe fabrics, and some other lovely repros for my collection! I love all those muted colors on the taupe fabrics. Thank you so much!
Lovely Swap package from Jennifer

A lady in my Wednesday morning quilting group was clearing out her 1980/90s knitting stash last week and I scored some real Irish pure wool (called bainin...think it still has lanolin in it for Aran waterproof knitting) and some lovely linen cotton yarn. It is a real shame that Irish yarn makers don't seem to make pure wool yarns anymore...I only see acrylic out there with maybe a bit of wool in it...
Some Vintage Irish Wool I Scored!!

Yesterday I got a very special package from my dear friend Barbara. We chat often on messenger and skype since meeting in blogland nearly 2 years ago and have visited each other, I can truly say she is a very close friend of mine in real life now. She knew how helpless I was feeling so far away from my family at this time and look what she sent to me. A gorgeously packaged quilt kit using her signature shabby chic floral fabrics. I was crying like a baby in the middle of our village after opening the package. Quilters are such generous people. Thank you so much Barbara from the bottom of my heart. I am glad to call you my friend.
Aine and Barbara's Gorgeous Present Box
Yummy Fabrics


Jodie said...

Glad you are hanging in there. What a beautiful package you received from Barabara. I have just met up with Chookyblue face to face after chatting with her almost everyday. Isn't it great when you just click with someone. Your Dear Jane is beautiful, something to be very proud of. You need to channel your energy into something at this time, so power on with it! You summed it up, it never rains it pours. I hope both your parents are soon on the road to recovery.

Best Wishes. Jodie

Tracey said...

Gorgeous fabric there, what a lovely gift.
Hope Mum and Dad progress well,Tracey

Andrea said...

Sending best wishes at this difficult time for you and your family. You sound like you're keeping pretty positive Cathi. What lovely pressies to cheer you up.

Tazzie said...

I wish I could come over there and give you a big hug. My thoughts are with you and your family hon. Your quilting looks just lovely, you're getting soooo much done.

Vero said...

All my thoughts are with your parents. I hope they'll be both better soon.
Around Xmas, I was really angry because my boyfriend dropped me. I've spent my anger on piecing a small quilt, full of colors. What a good cure! Far better than jsut feeling sorry for myself:-) But it had to be simple, an yet keep my mind occupied, so I understand how you feel about quilting right now.
And unlike what you say, you are quite busy and you achieve quite a lot. I did not do as much as the kids were kids!

VerrySherry said...

wow your DJ is gorgeous. and that package from Barbara is beautiful! She is great. Thinking of you and your family lots. xo

Angela said...

What lovely goodies. I'm drooling over the fabric but that yarn, oh that yarn is making me super jealous!

I know how hard it is to be away from family at a time when all you want to do is be close. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer I was 1500 miles away. I felt totally helpless. You will get through this -- and so will your mother. Stay strong and don't worry about blogging -- do what you need to do to stay sane.

Bubblesknits said...

What a wonderful package! Friends keep us sane, don't they? LOL

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Anne Ida said...

I'm sorry to hear your Dad is not well, and that you are under strain from being away from your family! My warmest thoughts to you and your loved ones!

And how fortunate you are to have a great friend in Barbara! That quilt kit is really a wonderful present!

Take care! Hugs!

PS! Your DJ quilting is absolutely gorgeous!

nicky said...

How beautifully she has packaged that kit! I hope things begin to get better soon and i am glad that your quilting is bringing you some peace in this difficult time. It looks just stunning!
I have made two DJ blocks using the swap fabric you posted me last year and they look great!

lisakingsley said...

Sorry to hear about your family issues. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sorry you are so far away at such a difficult time.

movinghands said...

Happy to see you back, Cathi. I know exactly what you mean about living far from your family. I am glad that the little package put a smile on your face during a difficult time.

ruthsplace said...

Sorry you've been feeling down, I know what it's like to be far away from family. Barbara sent you a gorgeous package!

Tracy said...

Such lovely gifts of yarn and fabric to cheer your days...So sorry you & your family are going through a rough patch at the moment. Know that thoughts and prayers are flying your way! ((HUGS))

samantha said...

Sending you lots of good thoughts during this difficult time. Best to your whole family. Here's hoping that gorgeous quilt kit helps lift your spirits!

Anna said...

I came across your blog via Verry Sherry.
I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. My mom is also battling breast cancer....such a small ammount of words to say something that has been life-altering for our family.

You have my prayers, even though you don't know me, Shug.

Dot said...

Now that is some type of Snow-woman. I think this is the most colorful snow-woman I have ever seen.

Laurie Ann said...

Sounds busy busy busy! I need to take a nap after reading your post! :) Hope your tummy bug went away and sending prayers for your mum .. Hugs, Laurie