December 18, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Aine and our tree!Whether that be my own home with my good DH and gorgeous girls, or my parent's home in Oregon! DH did a great job getting the girls where they needed to go, but said I needn't go away again for a few years. There is a big difference between being on call 24 hours and being there evenings and weekends, lol!! I guess he finally can appreciate the kind of work a mom does! Dad's do great jobs with their kids too, but sometimes they forget how non-stop it can be for the moms.

I had a great time visiting Oregon last week. Hard to believe I'm home again already! I did so much shopping: lots of quilting goodies for our local ladies, some fabric and books for me, lots of yarn!! I got a swift and wool winder to help me wind up my skeins of yarn. I got enough yarn to make lots of felted goodies: some felted clogs, some felted ballerina slippers for the girls, and a huge gorgeous bag for me!! Here are some photos of various goodies.
Quilting goodiesYarn Acquisitions!Goodies from Sisters, Oregon

I love the new Fig Tree Quilts book with the houses quilts, and I also got some taupes, some repros and some folky prints for me. I got some cool felted soaps for gifts and just look at those beautiful felted stockings that Kristin made for us! You may notice a drop spindle to try my hand at, and the wooden egg darner that I found for my vintage/antique knitting and sewing tool collections.

I met with Kristin several times on the trip. Thank you so much for your lovely company, and for letting me tag along to your guild party, Kristin!! I had a great time playing quilter's bingo and I even won a lovely book (oddly enough, donated to the cause by Kristin herself as I found out later!)! The cool blocks that Kristin made were donated later to make charity quilts by the guild, what a great idea!

We had an early Christmas dinner and present opening at my parents house last Friday. Mom and dad liked their gifts. One of our local patchworking ladies made a gorgeous wooden angel for me to give my mom, just because... how nice is that!
Dad with his quiltMom and her dollMom and her wooden angel from Alison
Here is a photo from my parent's back deck of the Cascade mountains I put in dad's quilt. I just love seeing the snow covered mountains, there is nothing so high here in Ireland!

Bend Mountains

I've got MIL's tea cozy to finish and lots of wrapping to do! Guess I will be doing that in the evenings, as I just realized that all my mornings are already booked for the rest of the week. Nothing like diving right back in to it all!!


ruthsplace said...

Glad you had a great trip and got back safely. Looks like you scored well in the fabric and yarn department. I'd love to see some of your spinning when you've got the time to do some.

Your folks have a great view, when I backpacked around the US I really enjoyed Oregon.

Beth said...

Wow, you've already gone to Bend and you're back? Glad you had a nice time and a safe trip. I am probably going up in February. But we will have to plan the next time you are going to meet up!

Anne Marie said...

Cathi: Glad you had a great trip home, when I fly home to the states and leave the kids with DH I always repeat the mantra "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"!! How I envy your goodies!!!

Kate said...

Welcome back, kiddo - sounds like you had fun! Dave will probably never let you out of the house again :)

Connie W said...

Cathi, I have to ask - did you take the DJ with you? Glad you had a fun visit and arrived back home safely.

Kristie said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time with family. I'm sure your girls are glad to have you back home. I love all of your goodies that you bought. Hope you and your family have a nice Christmas.

Kristin said...

I'm glad you had a safe trip back. It was great to finally meet you in person! The stocking looks great on your tree.

Hazel Pembleton said...

How wonderful to have a husband who was able to take care of your girls while you got to visit your parents. You are blessed!! Also I am very envious of your DJ, I only have 4 blocks pieced on mine, but someday!!

Tracy said...

Welcome home, Cathi! Wow--that was a quick trip! It looks so beautiful where your parents are! They do look ever so happy with their gifts. Such fun seeing your shopping treasure trove. Your tree looks lovely! Happy days making ready for Christmas ((HUGS))

Toni said...

Cathi, I just love your photos on a normal basis, but seeing the mountains, your family are just as breath taking. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself this time of year!

Merry Christmas!

Jenni said...

That was a whirl-wind visit, and it's true - there's no place like home. Looks like you did some fun shopping.

Sarah Nopp said...

Welcome home! It seems to strange that there is no snow on the ground in Bend at the moment. I suppose that comes in January. Have a merry Christmas!

VerrySherry said...

welcome home!

colleen said...

Can't believe you are back already...what a quick trip?Seems like you were very busy.Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and visit. The tree looks great and the stockings are too cute. Colleen

The D said...

All is well in Bend, Oregon. We are heading to the B house Saturday through Saturday after Christmas. Thanks for the wonderful visit and presszies. Mountains are spectacular this morning, clear blue sky, pinkish-white glow of snow covering them... Kinda makes you believe God must have painted them, cameras can't capture the color and splendor! Live well!
Love to you, hubby, girls.

Christine said...


Thanks for stopping by my wee blog. I haven't stopped by in a while, so I have some catching up to do.

Don't give me too much credit on being productive the knitting projects span an 11 year window(shhhhh..) Some one had asked if to see some of the things I have knitted I couldn't resist taking out the "good stuff."

Love seeing the pictures of the quilting on the back of the "dear jane" I really need to think about starting my own, but it hurts my brain too much, and then I stop.


PS Are you in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap? Trying to keep up with all the fun stuff is a part time job!