December 30, 2007

Sorry I've Been Gone Too Long!

I took lots of photos of crafty and domestic happenings before Christmas, but the kids got a horrible bug on Christmas Eve through the rest of this week, with a trip to doctor, and high temperatures and lethargic kids. They are feeling well as of this weekend, but guess who is knocked out now? Yup mom and dad. Dad never gets sick, so on Friday he took to his bed and slept about 18 hours I think! Moms don't get that kind of uninterrupted time to sleep, lol, so I've been slowly slogging around, doing laundry, etc etc. Yesterday I was the one worse off, so I did get Dave to sort out most of the kids meals while I moaned with a bad sore throat and hideous head cold. Feeling a bit more human now today, so might get the last of the holiday baking done with kids. We hope to finally feel well enough to bring belated Christmas presents to Dublin on New Years Eve, and I will be trying my hardest to start losing weight as of January 1st, so all this holiday baking is kind of a last hurrah before that line I am drawing in the sand for 2008.

Here are some of the baking we did before Christmas! I am known for my American Chocolate Chip cookies here, so many are made. I also do sugar cookies a tradition from my own childhood, which my kids love to help me with! I also made the pecan tassies that Kristin gave the recipe for. YUMMMMMMMMM! These are definitely added to the holiday baking list from now on, both DH and I love them!
Chocolate Chips Sugar Cookies DSCF2495

Dave always does a tiramisu and I always do a pavlova for Christmas dinner desserts, but sadly I forgot about a lot of photo taking during our flu/virus/ick stage with the kids.

My mom and dad gave me the cash to head down to the local Bend yarn shop and get myself a swift and ball winder to wind those lovely hanks of yarn into center pull balls much easier to knit with... I showed Aine how to use the winder, and don't you know, after a few days, every single hank of sock yarn and a few hanks of heavier wool have been made into lovely "cakes" of yarn. It is now a favorite job of hers, lol, guess I better buy more hanks of yarn from now on! Not that I need to buy anymore wool anytime soon, as I took quite a haul of felting yarn home from Bend and already have a very healthy stash of sock yarn! Here is a photo of Aine winding some Socks that Rock wool (thanks Kristin!) her favorite of the sock wools we wound. Note the My Little Pony going for a ride in the center of the swift!
Aine winding wool!

I managed to finish the tea cozy for Dave's mom for Christmas. Here is Aine modelling it for me, and one on its own!
Aine modelling a tea cozyTea Cozy for Maura

I promise to be back soon with my 2008 resolutions, but for now here are a few photos from the pre-Christmas preparations and celebrations, our Christmas was nice, with Dave's mom and one brother here, but since we were germed, there wasn't a lot of socializing! Dave and Aine managed a nice trip to local friends for St. Stephens Day (aka Boxing Day aka day after Christmas!) but we haven't been out for more than groceries since Christmas otherwise!!!
Santa's Goodies Post Christmas Tree Photo Aine's Snowman Decorations Christmas pancakesKnitting/Book Group Night Out!


Connie W said...

Oh my Cathi, your poor family has had more than its share of sickness and too bad that it hit you all during the Christmas time. Your photos are most enjoyable. Take care and get well soon, each of you. Happiest of New Year wishes to you. CW

Sarah said...

I love crafty jobs that the kids can help with! I've been trying to find a sewing related one for Jack.

Vero said...

Sorry you have all been sick. Hope it is over now and you are all in great shape!
I like the winder very much. There is a shop in Marseille where they sell the wool by the weight, if you need 70 gr, they won't sell you 2x50gr but really 70 gr and they do so with the winder. Always a great attraction.

Tracy said...

Oh, so sorry everyone's been sick for Christmas there! Glad the girls are on the mend, and hope you & Dave will be soon too for ringing in the New Year! Looks like there's been some fun though--so glad! My DH has been sick with an awful cold since the 26th, so I sympathize. :o) We've been having good days though and only had to cancel on joining in on a couple of dinners. But had great day on Christmas Eve hosting a dinner at our place. And the best has been time to just relax and enjoy. Hope you & your have a wonderful 2008--full of love, peace and JOY! ((HUGS))

Kristie said...

Sorry to hear about everyone being sick and at such a bad time to feel so ill during the holidays. Looks like you had a nice Christmas anyway!

Bubblesknits said...

Oh gosh...sorry y'all were sick during the holidays! It sounds like the same stuff that's going around here. You definitely have my sympathies!

I'm right there with you on drawing the line in the sand in 2008. I refuse to go up another size in pants. Maybe we should cheer each other on? :-)

ruthsplace said...

Sorry you've been so sick! Hopefully that's the last illness for a long time.

sunflwgal said...

ugh, sickness is no fun when vacationing! At least it looks like you are all making the best of it!

Yah for new tools and yarn and oOooo yummy pancakes!

Laurie Ann said...

That's what I love about starting a New Year. It's such an excellent chance to totally start over. Getting healthier is my main goal this year too!

Jeanne said...

Cathi, the pancake picture made me smile. My mom would make us pancakes Saturday morning and often make shapes and heads. I did it also when my kids were young.