April 26, 2007

Office Productivity

I was able to finish the free-motion quilting on Aisling's quilt during the day today while the kids played my new spiffy cool office! I did the hearts freehand and then just did a of these days I want to try those peacock feathers Tazzie described!

I have also gotten to the construction of the cable cardigan...button band, collar and buttons left!!

I got a commission for two more children's name pillows...people keep telling me I should sell them...might just try to do that with a few other kid related fabric items...there is a local Sunday market here that I've been wanting to do something at...just trying to find the right items...

I've been tagged twice for the 5 inspirational blogs meme, gonna have to have a good think about that and do them on my next post!!
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janetgordon said...

How great that you can be so productive and manage to be raising kids as well - you are truly living the dream! I am amazed at the variety of work you have managed while being ill and looking after kids who are ditto - amazing!!
Keep it up, and slip us a few pictures of Ireland as well. My mother's ancestors - Donovans - came from around Tralee to Newfoundland in the 19th century.
The quality of your workmanship is very high!!! Keep it up!! Cheers
Janet in rural Nova Scotia