May 14, 2006

Just Another Manic Sunday!

For some reason I keep using song titles lately... well I guess the song is Manic Monday...can you tell I was a teen in the 80s??

I did nothing all week quilting related except maybe one or two seams on my DJ quilt...but went a little crazy today! I finished sewing Row H of my Dear Jane together and got it sewn onto the quilt. Have Row I sashing prepped for sewing...

Then, I finished one complete baby quilt top with scrappy border and got the middle of one other done. Kitty is helping to model them...very simple quilt, but nice...have to figure out what to put in the white spaces...charm tacks probably, but haven't totally figured out yet...

I think I've finally decided to stop doing baby quilts for all my friends...some just don't appreciate them. And since my time for quilting is limited with 2 young kids, I'm tired of giving away most of my work!! I need to make a list of projects I want to do for myself this year and work on those. A few more gifts here and there to finish, but I think I'll be a slightly selfish quilter for a while!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the house! I'm so excited about it...lovely house and gardens! Will be planning lots of little quilts for it!

If you are interested in seeing any more photos of the house, I've put them on my website for my family and friends to see a few more... Posted by Picasa

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