March 31, 2006

My Quilting Library!

My house is FULL of books...4 huge bookcases full of gardening, cooking, fiction, non-fiction...but this is my quilt book collection. I have had more over the years, but never used them! I find that I kind of make my quilts up as I go along...I use quilt blocks, definitely, but I can only think of one quilt I ever nearly followed a whole pattern for...and even then I changed all the coloring... Well...I take that back...I am following the pattern for the Dear Jane quilt, but aside from that...mostly I just pick a block I like, figure out how many I need (these days I make a ton of baby quilts!) and then figure out borders and sashing as I go along.I'm still a beginner, but I seem to only keep "process" books or inspiration books, not actual pattern books. In my collection: Liberated Quiltmaking, Gwen Marston, Scrap Quilts: The Art of Making Do, Roberta Horton.. The Angel book which has no pattern just quilts others have done...for inspiration... A great book about designing your sewing space... and Gayle Bong's new book, Save the Scraps, a present from my secret pal! And of course two Chiaverini novels I've been given, I really enjoy those and read them so fast!

I do love quilts, and love antique scrap quilts...I think my next quilt for myself is going to be a string quilt...but I can't seem to get into the idea of planning a quilt by buying large amounts of fabric...maybe it is just the frugal girl in me...but I love the idea of using up my scraps...and I love to look at all the different fabrics people have given me... I don't know that quilts I gift to people will ever be as scrappy as ones I do for myself...those are usually controlled scrappy quilts! Now if I can stop dreaming about the types of quilts I like and start doing them...

But this weekend the plan is to quilt my black and bright baby quilt for baby Emma Rose that arrived March 20, and to make flannel backing for that quilt and another flannel quilt I'm doing for myself... Swap blocks are done, woo hoo!! Posted by Picasa

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