January 30, 2012

Crafty Update

Still have good intentions of doing more blogging this year, really I do!!

My weight loss is moving slow but going in the right direction...I haven't really focused yet this year. Still down 20 lbs since last September though and that is great!!

Haven't been doing enough knitting to give an update but will change that in February! Here is where the first sock I owe my friend is...I am nearly ready to turn the heel on this one!!

I am also slowly adding a block here and there to this quilt, but have done no quilting on the quilt frame...that will change in February too, going to make these part of my routine and stay away from the computer quite as much in the evenings!! I am sure I will be on computer a lot still, but will make sure I spend some time crafting too!

I have of course been doing a ton of cards and layouts in my scrapping obsession.... I was wondering, should I add some Irish Paddy's Day cards to my never been used at all Etsy shop?? I have a few here I would be happy to sell if anyone is interested in would help support me in my new crafty endeavors...

I also have these Valentines themed ones:

I have started selling my cards at an art gallery and in my favorite cafe I go to each week :) I sold some over Christmas and a few commissioned ones so far, even the postlady bought one and then our delivery postman ordered one after seeing hers, love it!! These are the ones I sold to them...

I've also had several cards and a layout published in Enchanting Creations magazine...this layout (p. 60)

and these few cards: (pp 104-107)

There are so many other layouts and cards I've been working on this month it is ridiculous!! Eeks, I think I might need to slow it down a bit...There are still about 20 more cards I haven't shown but will stop now! Yes, it has taken over my crafting world, and to get a bit of income from it is awesome, of course I reinvest it into more supplies! I'll put a few collages of my January projects down below...
Tags and Other Projects...


And a FEW cards, yikes!!!

I promise to try and get into a rhythm soon of posting more...don't give up on me yet!


barbara said...

Yay, the sock looks GREAT! And congratulations on selling your lovely crafts locally - how cool is that?! :)

Anonymous said...

Not giving up but would like more pics of kids. You know I miss them both so much. I may buy some of your card creations. Make a creations page for me to look at... a box set for so much money. The box with all the goodies will go out tomorrow I think. Talk to you soon.