June 11, 2011

Time Sure Flies!!

...when you have small kids! How did it get to be mid June already?

I have been crafting of course, still mostly cards and some scrapbook layouts to show in this post, but I have also been working on ballet legwarmers, my crazy Beowulf socks, some more Block Lotto blocks and have even completed a baby quilt for no specific baby! My first quilt top finished with no destination...I feel so productive! Now if I can just get some more movement on the Rouenneries quilt top or the Ocean Waves quilting....

Here are the Block Lotto blocks I've done:
May Blocks: Pineapple Blossom
June Blocks: Simple Rectangle with focus on color...

I like the simplicity of the rectangle blocks and decided to do a baby quilt size quilt in gender neutral is how it turned out!

Now for the slightly insane amount of card making going on since the last time!

Here are some communion cards...

A collage of a bunch of Father's Day cards, teachers thank yous and birthdays...

Some thank you cards for Aine's Communion gifts with a photo of her stuck to a magnet backing for everyone to put on their fridge if they want...

She was so beautiful on the inspired me to make my first scrapbook layout of my favorite photo!

And I also had to do a scrapbook layout for Aisling!

So I have been working away and we have been busy getting ready for Aine's First Communion and little party afterwards... Next week we have visitors from the States for the week and lots of sightseeing, and the day after they leave we have Aisling's birthday party! No rest for the wicked, but I go at my own pace and we still manage to get it done.

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barbara said...

I am exhausted just reading it all, Cathi!

Everything is so beautiful, too. :D