February 21, 2011

New Obsession!

I got my Silhouette Die Cutting Machine a few weeks ago and really went to town testing it out the first week…Check out some of the things I made!
First Project: A simply made but complicated cut birthday card for a friend!
A design for my netbook in vinyl…not quite ready for wall art yet, the original reason I wanted this machine! I had seen many people creating cool word art for their walls in vinyl using this machine, and really wanted one!! I bought some regular vinyl, some frosted vinyl and some white heat transfer vinyl…check out these amazing tshirts that I have been able to make for the girls :) I see many birthday presents for parties in the future!!
February 2011
And here are some cool frosted labels for some glass jars…
I’ve also realized that this machine is great for cutting shapes from cardstock, and hence my newest obsession has started: cardmaking!! When I saw how easily I could make really cute die cut shapes on the machine I have been reading tons of cardmaking blogs to get inspiration…so far I have been watching tons of you tube videos these two ladies have made about card making and scrapbooking…
Remember, I look like this at the moment…
…so I have a lot more time on my hands and I am afraid I have lots of time to go shopping online too! I have ordered lots of card blanks, stamps and other goodies to add to my current small sampling of paper and supplies I already had…You will probably see finished cards being added to my finished projects on the blog!
Here are two more cards and a gift tag I have made so far…
DSCF4016  DSCF3990 DSCF3988
I have managed to finish some other projects though too!! Here are Aisling’s legwarmers finished…
And wonder of wonders, I have actually finished this hand pieced and hand quilted drunkards path quilt I started ages ago! This will hang in the guest bedroom at some point…
I have also finished the quilt top for my friend going through chemo…working on the freemotion meandering now…ugh…hate wrestling the quilt through my little sewing machine!!
So, as you can see despite the hopping along, I am still managing to get a little bit done, as well as the bit of housework I can manage: dishwashing, cooking and laundry… I am having fun being served my breakfast and SUPERVISING all the sweeping, mopping, and bathroom cleaning. I do admit to helping reorganize the playroom while scooting around on hands and knees, I couldn’t take the clutter…Dave and the girls were cleaning the room by stacking things in the corners and in cubby holes…ugh! Only a few more weeks of staying off that leg (move to a cast with a boot for walking next) so guess I should live it up while I can! Friends are picking me up a few times a week for trips to a local cafe and for patchwork group, so am getting out a bit!
Guess I better go, we have friends visiting today and want to get some stuff done before they arrive! Hope to hear from you!


Sarah said...

Glad to see you are enjoying the "vacation", Cathi. I have Sizzix set with gizillion diecuts for who knows what. This inspires me to maybe pull them out of the closet and start making things again!

The thoughtful quilts are fabulicious as always. Your friends will be blessed with love and comfort.

Boy, how Aisling's grown! I really miss you and the girls :0( The legwarmers are wonderful. We can use them here...very cold in Eugene (but we are heading home later today after picking up Shayna in Beaverton.)

So, it can easily be arranged about prolonging your "vacation" need a good, long rehap program and a lot of rest for full recovery LOL

barbara said...

Cathi you're a marvel and a wonder!!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love the look of your die cutting machine and all the things you are making with it, looks like lots of fun!

Micki said...

Glad that you are having so much fun with the die cutting machine. It is fun! I was catching up on your blog this morning. I am sorry about the MS.It must have been a shock for you. I had a rough year last year too with a serious fall and shingles bout. I am glad that you wrote and that we are catching up on each other.
Take care and enjoy the paper crafting.Check up Create and Craft in the UK...they have some neat cd's on card making that allow you to print out papers, tags, etc.

anything with a needle said...

Where did you get all the wonderful stuff for your blog????it looks great. oh, and so do your quilts. hope you heal quickly.