I made it into the 170s, yeah, it has been ages since I've seen them! And next week I hope to lose .8 lb again if I can manage it (though had a bad weekend, they are really my downfall!!). The reason for the .8 goal will be appreciated by any UK/Irish readers: I'll have lost 14 lbs, a full stone!

I have salsa dancing class tonight but have also signed up for the swimming pool again today!!! I hope to get my laps in 2-3 times a week to add to my exercise regime...might try to add a walk or two eventually as well...plus the swim membership gives me weights and cardio gym time and other classes...hope to add the weights in a few months maybe...can't be doing everything all at once!!

How are all the other "losers" doing??

I have that promised crafty post from last week still coming, but will get it done for tomorrow!!