February 14, 2009

Homemade Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
from us to you!!

 Valentines Day 2009

Homemade Valentines

Valentines Day 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Valentines Day 2009





rachel said...

cute pics!!!

happy valentine's day to yall too!!!

Barbara said...

So sweet! :D Hope yours was a very special day!

I lost another kilo, but that's it. Better than nothing, but at this rate it'll take me a year!

Evelyn said...

It is all the "little" things (ie big messes) that us Momma's do that make the holidays so special to our kids. Such happy memories. I always say, Martha Stewart I'm not, but gosh - we sure have fun with our own creations anyway.
Cheers! Evelyn

Sharon said...

WOW great job Cathi. Your gonna be our star student for sure. lolol Must be all that dancing your doing over there.
Keep it up!

Taryn said...

Wow!! Great going on the weight loss!