January 27, 2009

Making Progress

I have one finish for the week, but have mainly been making some good progress on the pink socks I had to rip back. Here is the sad state of affairs after I ripped it back to where the first mistake happened (forgot a cable stitch that I had done on the first sock and wanted them to match exactly) and here is where I am back to (well I am actually a bit further on now having turned the heel and started the gussets of the sock...)
January 2009
January 2009

I have also been working on hand quilting a Christmas wholecloth quilt that has been languishing in my UFO pile for ages...maybe that can be a finish for February, there is defiinitely too much left to finish this month! But...maybe I can manage to finish that sock??? Hmmmm...
January 2009

This is my only finish to report lately, but am glad I finally got it certainly isn't precise and wonderful, but it works: my quirky little patchwork roman blind. I made with civil war repro fabric squares to match the Dear Jane and Apple Core quilts hanging in the hallway... Did I ever show you the quilt shelf I got? I am going to eventually try to make seasonal quilts to put there...maybe I should get a move on a Valentines one!!
January 2009
January 2009

I haven't talked about this much, but am starting to get excited about it now, Anne Marie is hosting a Quilting Retreat this weekend!! I will be taking a weekend break from my weight loss programme most definitely and enjoy quilting, piecing, knitting, chatting and EATING!  I am also bringing some margaritas and other goodies to add to the party.  I imagine I will be bringing quite a lot of things with me, so will have to take some photos of everything packed into the car, projects, fabrics and goodies to share, a couple of air mattresses and duvets...maybe even a folding table for sewing machines to hang out on! I will bring along my Dear Jane and some other show and tell bits as well...better get packing!!


Karen said...

Love the quilt shelf and the apple core quilt is sweet.

Thimbleanna said...

Your quilting is beautiful Cathi! And so is that pretty pink sock. I hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat!

summersadie said...

That is sure a big pile of pink yarn, but the sock is super impressive. As is all the other projects you showed. The hand quilting looks're braver than me, and the roman shade looks great too. Good job!

Barbara said...

Oh, your quilting GTG sounds so fabulous! Have lots of fun and then tell us all about it! :D

Your pile of yarn made me crack up. Sorry. This is why knitting scares me off! LOL.

I love your Roman blind. It's very cool. So's your quilt shelf!! :D

ruthsplace said...

Your hand quilting is stunning!

Love the sock, you are making such great progress! Whenever I pull something out my husband looks at me and shakes his head and mutters something about that's why he doesn't knit lol

I hope you have a fabulous time at the retreat.

Evelyn said...

I can NOT believe you ripped that sock out - I struggle with just the simple sock pattern! Have lots of fun at retreat, but remember your water bottle - whenever you are overly tempted by food - drink some water first!!! Are you hand quilting on your frame? And, how big is your quilt hanger - your apple core looks darling on it! Great idea ot make a co-ordinating roman shade!!! Cheers! Evelyn

The Chocolate Cat said...

That roman blind is fantastic - what a great idea. I love your little quilt shelf, so much fun to have different quilts to display there.

*karendianne. said...

Oh my gosh, look at those apple cores. How cute!!!