July 11, 2008

DJ Spotted in the Wild at Sisters!

Dear Jane Hanging at Sisters
The way it is hung it is hard to get a full view of it, but it is exciting to see it up at the I have to sneak in and hope to hear some nice comments about it! The whole family made it up to see it, so I am glad. Here is dad with the quilt!!
Dad and the Dear Jane
We had another lunch with my cousins, mom, dad and bro in Sisters on Wednesday, then took the kids for another play at the park where they made some new friends.

Yesterday mom and dad took the kids for the day and sent me off with my brother and cousins to Crater Lake. I of course used the long drive to get some sewing done. Got three DJ blocks for my swap with Katy done, but here was my setup on my lap in the car!
Sewing Setup in the car

I don't think you can take a bad photo of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the States. Look at that blue!! Here is a photo of my and my brother, and a favorite photo of the lake on its own.
Me and My Bro at Crater LakeDSCN1004

I may be heading off a little later today for a shop hop with some blogging buddies, we shall see how that works out, depending on whether the nanas and papas are up for another few hours on their own with the kids!! Will definitely be blogging about that if it happens!!

Kids are sleeping in this morning as it was the last night with the cousins and I let them stay up till 10pm, so am using this time to catch up with my blogging. Poor kids, they will have nothing but momma and the grandparents after this afternoon, how boring is that, lol!! Just for a few gratuitous kid photos, here is Aine with our rock cand crystal growing experiment, and playing a card game with my cousin! That elusive Aisling doesn't like her photo taken much!!
Our Rock Candy Crystal ExperimentPlaying Animal Guessing Game


Cara said...

OOPS! Pardon my spelling! : )

Cara said...

OH! Yoru Dear Jane looks so amazing in it's display spot!! How exciting! Hope you get to see some great stuff at the Quilt Show in SIsters- I have wanted to go to that one for a while! Love your quilt and think it is great to see it it in such a show!

Barbara said...

Oh, Cathi! It looks marvelous!!! You must be bursting with pride! (I surely would be!)

I also really like the picture of you and your brother in front of Crater Lake. :D

Karol-Ann said...

Doesn't it look great in situ? And what a gorgeous lake: WOW!!!

sherry said...

Oh! You must be so proud! Ms. D.J. looks wonderful--sounds like a good trip!xo

Kristie said...

Wow! That is so exciting!!!! I think your quilt is beautiful and I'm sure it feels wonderful to have it displayed for the public!! You should be very proud!!

summersadie said...

Such a beautiful quilt in a beautiful display. And my what a gorgeous lake.

noelia said...

i just discover your blog.
Your DJ is fabulous!!! Congratulations.
I began to make it the last month .

Have a nice day :)

Tracy said...

What a moment with you DJ quilt--it looks gorgeous in its setting there! So glad you are having a great time....really enjoying the photos! We're just back from London--had FAB time! Now resting travel-weary feet and doing lots of laundry--LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Elly said...

Your DJ is looking great hanging up in the shop.
The lake looks stunning also.

Holly said...

Congratulations Cathi. You must be so proud. It looks absolutely spectacular. Wish I were there to see it and meet all the bloggers. Don't know how you can sew in the car.. I'd be sick :P Crater Lake looks gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Is that a Scion tC? Looks like my car!

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ruthsplace said...

The lake is just beautiful! LOVED seeing your quilt hanging in the store, that must have been really exciting.

Dot said...

The DJ is great. You reached your goal. I remember when you first blogged about completing the quilt and putting it in the show. Congrats!!!! Contact me on my e-mail and we will see if your schedules jive for a get together.

Cheri said...

Congratulations! What a lovely spot to find your quilt hanging. Sisters must be such a different kind of show from the others, but I love seeing the quilts integrated into their surroundings.