October 26, 2007

It's Beginning to Get a Bit Spooky Around Here!

Aine and Aisling went to Aine's school disco last night! Here are a few photos of Aine and her friends partying down (okay all the did was hold hands and walk in circles around the dance floor...they didn't want to dance!). It has been a while since I wrote how to pronounce their Irish names, they don't sound like they are written! Aine is "on-ya" and Aisling is "ash-ling", just in case you were curious!!
Aine and Sophie Aine and Aibheann
Aine the VampireReady for the Disco

It was a dance complete with a DJ and a bar for the parents, beer at a kid's disco...well when in Rome Ireland... It was really crowded and crazy but the kids had a great time seeing their friends late at night (well...7-9pm late...)! Very cute!!

Aside from Halloween happening, I've been doing a bit more little projects here and there. I finished the next set of swap blocks for my Dear Jane swap with Katy.
DJ Swap 2

 And here is the status of my Ocean Waves quilt on my design wall: I've got 49 of 80 done...getting there slowly, oh so slowly!!  But I love using all the little scraps from the DJ and my repro box!!
Ocean Waves blocks update

My friend Jane and I have decided to try to meet here at my house on a Wednesday night for a mini sewing bee. She is a fellow quilter, very artistic and always inspirational. She brought over this African quilt for her future nephew whose daddy is Zimbabwean. I'm not sure, but Ruth, I think she got her inspiration from a similar book that you did...those paw prints reminded me of your quilt! She used all kinds of sizes of scraps and it really reminded me of a Gwen Marston type free form quilt construction... I love it, despite being mainly a fan of antique looking quilts!!
Jane's African Quilt
Oh yeah, and she has succumbed to "Jane's Addiction" fitting, considering her name, lol!!
Jane's First Jane Project
She did this wallhanging for her sister but she is talking about doing the whole quilt for herself now!! Mwa ha ha!!!


Lucy Locket said...

The girls look gorgeous in their costumes! thanks for explaining the pronunciations. lucy x
P.S. the quilts all look amazing!

Toni said...

TOOO adorable! The girls look like they had so much fun!!

*waves at friend Jane* what a nice little DJ project to start with! She is doing a great job!

Tracy said...

Just back from our two week holiday and catching up with everyone in blogland...You've been busy! Your girls look lovely and very spooky for Halloween...And a lot of wonderful quilting and yarn works happening there too! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))

Bubblesknits said...

The girls look precious! I'm glad they had a good time. :-) And thanks for explaining the pronunciation. That's cool!

Vero said...

From the look in their eyes, it is easy to see they are having fun!
And you and your friend have been quite busy! it is all very nice!

Karol-Ann said...

Too cute! Love your Ocean Waves blocks! And your friend's African quilt is gorgeous too.

Jane Weston said...

Tell your friend Jane she's in good company. I'm a Jane too and I'm been taken in by the Dear Jane phenomena!

Tracy said...

Goodness! Your Ocean Waves quilt is gorgeous!
Wonderful to read about your darlings and the beautiful quilts,

from a Zimbabwean quilter

gwen said...

I love the Ocean Wave, so many different fabrics!
From the amount of knitting wool you have, you must have a very numerous family with a lot of sockless feet! I collect sock wool too, can´t pass one without buying and that although we all have many pairs in the family!
Congrats to Jane for her nice quilts.
Take care.

Kristie said...

Your girls are beautiful. I love their names. Your quilts are beautiful. Your work is amazing.

Jenni said...

I always thought it was Ash-lene, so thanks for the info. What a lovely woodland photo.

Andrea said...

The girls are really so sweet ! I LOVE your ocean waves quilt so far - it will be spectacular. How great that you have lured Jane into the world of DJ - lol !

Simonetta said...

The girls look is very nice!Compliments for your beautiful blog. Ciao from Italy

Christine said...

Just left you a note on a really old blog..duh..I really need to pay better attention to what I am doing.

I've been spotting by since the quilt swap. I love the quilts that you've been working on. Great idea for the scraps with the Ocean waves. I've got bunches and bunches of scraps that I can imagine being worked into a quilt like that.

I saw your comment on the blog for the doll quilt for Fall Y'all give away. I figured I spent so much time quilting and reading other peoples blogs that it was time to give something back. Good Luck!

Christine said...

See there I go again not paying attention to what I am doing. Of course I meant to say that I have been STOPPING by. Once again I hit the submit button without reading what I typed.

My lame excuse this time is that the kids are blaring music, the bird has decided to try and chirp louder than the music and the puppy is whining to be out of her crate.

Have a wonderful week.

Jeanne said...

The girls are adorable in their costumes. Sounds like a good time for the whole family. And the new Dear Jane convert - another one bites the dust!