November 15, 2006

Doing a Little Research

I found this manual with my "new" treadle. Singer Sewing Machine No. 99...booklet dated 1931. But when I looked up the serial number, I found the sewing machine was a No. 66K produced in Clydebank, Scotland July-December 1919. Cool bit of history. Will research on how to clean up the machine and to understand how it works... The decals are worn away in many places, but that just means it was well used right? They are faded where someone's hands would lift it out of the case. Some Irishwoman's hands before me...

I had intended to spend only an hour on this computer this afternoon. I've now spent two hours (between helping kids with various things and a few other housework breaks). Time to go play with kids, clean and get some dinner going. But I did have fun researching this... Posted by Picasa

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