October 4, 2006

Corners of My Home!

Look what I got in the mail! My friend Katy, friend from way back in college, and fellow Bob Dylan fan and quilter, sent me this! We are both from Maryland, and both living in Europe, she is in London with me here in Ireland. It is nice, we usually meet up once a year or so. This year she was over for a Dylan concert in the summer, lol! Check out her nice work here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU KATY!!

Here are a few photos of the house as it is developing. We had the tilers remove the hideous carpet in the kitchen and lay our new floor is still a bit of a mess so kitchen photos another day!

The living room is getting nice and homey, and the second sitting room we ripped out the fireplace, and set up a kids playroom... I love that big bookcase for storing the kids toys!

I have three borders of the DJ done now, but will post that later, when I get my quilt holder away from the telly! Posted by Picasa

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