June 21, 2006

Some Finishes to report!!

My Dear Jane center is DONE!! My life is busy these days with kids, work and I always seem to be too tired to get too much done, but I squeeze in quilting when I get a chance and over the last week, managed to do a few things!

My weight, however, is the worse it has been since I was pregnant. Do you think I can focus on weight loss again when my family are all back together again (and I can join a gym to do my favorite swimming...which has a creche for kids!). I feel out of control, but stress and tiredness make me reach for food. I feel guilty and then a vicious circle starts! I lost 70 lbs before. I need to lose at least 30-40 lbs now to get into 120/130 range I like (5 foot 1)... I really wish I could focus on it. I keep starting and failing, and that is just self-defeating. Oh well...sorry for that brief interlude into the dark recesses of my mind, LOL!!

My cousin's little baby's quilt is done, and very wrinkly looking in this photo, but I'm happy with it. It is very cute and completely from my stash (and Barbara and Hanne's!) I am plugging away on my cousin Chrissy's quilt...have all 20 block centers done and 10 blocks completely finished. It is those HSTs that always slow me down! She has apparently been opening her eyes a bit more, but nothing more than that... I hope she is fighting hard, I bet she is!

Tonight I have some friends coming over for a dip in the hot tub...two of them have been in before, but it will be a first for one of the girls...very decadent...drinking bacardi and coke in the hot tub watching the sun go down...very late tonight, nearly 11pm!! We might be selling the hot tub, but I'm angling to keep it in the smaller less private garden...if people want to look at my lumps and bumps while I soak...I say, let em!!

So...I plan to keep working away at my cousin's quilt, and then start contemplating my triangle borders for the Dear Jane... There are so many projects I'd like to do, just need about three centuries to do them! Posted by Picasa

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