April 10, 2006

Weekend Progress

I am working away on Row D of the Dear Jane, nearly done sashing the blocks, then to assemble the row tomorrow and attach to the growing quilt at some point...

This is the backing to that flannel quilt I'm making...I don't have much of a flannel stash, and asked fellow Stashbusters for some trades or donations of some 12.5 inch squares, as always, everyone was great, and I had fun trading linen hankies and various other things for my squares! Some wonderful ladies donated quite a lot of fabric scraps, so I have a feeling that at least a baby quilt will have to be done to deplete the flannel stash. I like flannel, but it doesn't call out to me to make tons more...but I may change my find after cuddling under one!!

I'm up at 1am here because my nearly 2 year old woke up crying for a bottle! She was down to one morning bottle but this last week she's asked twice for a bed time or today a midnight bottle... after eating a TON of food today as well...I'm thinking growth spurt!! She drank the bottle dry and fell back asleep, so she must have been hungry. Now if I can only get back to sleep myself... Think I'll sash a few more DJ blocks and then try again! Posted by Picasa

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