August 27, 2006

Started a scarf last night!

Back into knitting again. Once upon a time I did a few sweaters, including one with complicated cabling in the design of two intertwining trees! I thought I'd left it behind but I feel the pull again, so here is my start, a fuzzy scarf for Aine to match with a fuzzy pink coat I found at the local Oxfam charity shop! Aine likes pink. Would you ever have guessed, LOL? I will make a matching hat and then do a set for little Aisling. My next project will be to try some warm toasty socks I keep seeing around the blogosphere! Can't be too hard right??

A few people asked about what I was going to do with the crazy quilt to embellish it... I will be doing a round robin with it! Barbara has organized one with about 7 of us and we will each embellish one or two blocks for each member in the RR. I can't wait to see how it will come back to me next year!

We took a break from packing on Thursday when we realized that no one would be showing up Friday, so we have a few more boxes to pack and then just a basic tidy up to do tomorrow. Dave goes back to work Monday and will meet the movers Tuesday afternoon at the new house with me and the girls and the cat close behind (I hope, hope hope! there is still no guarantee that Tuesday will the day, please keep fingers still crossed??)

Anyway...I hope to sew my top border for my Dear Jane quilt tomorrow. I will try to post some progress, as Dave is taking the computer apart tomorrow night, oh the withdrawals are starting already! Posted by Picasa

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