July 17, 2006

Some Progress to Report!

I have done baby quilt number 2 from my double 4 patch swap! This one goes to my friend Jen in Colorado Springs, for her third son Henry. It has lots of things to spy when he gets older. Hope they like it!! I have enough blocks from this swap to do one more quilt for another friend in Oregon...will wait to deliver hers myself when I go for Christmas to my parents new home in Bend (and my brother's new bachelor pad in Beaverton)...

I have my cousin's quilt sandwiched and decided to meander the muslin parts of the quilts with maybe the center squares outlined... I need to become a more precise quilter...too many puckers and wrinkles, so meandering is helping it. Doing liberated quilting is wonderful, but for traditional designs...I should learn to be a little more patient and precise. Need to walk the middle road I think! I don't want to ever become a member of the quilt police (like I'd ever have the skills to be one!!) but I can also just make a conscious effort to do the best that I can and enjoy myself as well! I am happy with my cousin's "peachy quilt" but wouldn't want the quilt police anywhere near it, they'd have a heart attack!!

Anyway, we are hopefully getting closer to getting our new house. We looked at furniture this weekend a bit, and priced things for doing the kitchen. There is carpet in this kitchen, have you ever heard of anything so strange? Carpet and kids aren't a good mix, especially in the kitchen, LOL, so that is one of the first changes to make!

I am doing the Crazy Quilting round robin with Barbara and a few of her friends, so Crazy quilting is becoming a new interest of mine. I'm really excited about the idea I have for my own will include photos of my family and ancestors, my wedding dress, parts of girls baptism gown...and more...won't spill the beans on the entire concept of the quilt, but looking forward to getting started. When I get a spare moment... Posted by Picasa

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