July 30, 2006

Photos in Your Sidebar...

A couple of people asked me how I added the photos to my sidebar. I'd like to say that I came up with the idea and the HTML code to do it all on my own, but I confess, I copied it from Tropical Screamer's blog. I saw it a while back and thought it was a great idea to have a gallery of quilts. I feel very unprolific compared to many fellow Stash Quilts bloggers, and this reminds me I have worked on many quilts and completed many this year as well.

Basically you find a photo of your quilt on your blog, click on the photo and open up the page with the full size view. You copy this into memory (I use ctrl-c) and then you use this code:

li (this makes it part of a list, all this code should have these things around them : )
a href = ""
(this should have the link to the photo you want to show)
img src="" width = 100
(this makes the photo come on the sidebar and makes sure it is only 100 pixels wide)
/a (this ends the code for the link and photo)
br (following thing is brought to next line)
b (code to bold the title of quilt)
Aine's Pillow (title of quilt, no symbols needed for text you want to see on blog)
/b (code to end the bolding)
br (following thing is brought to next line)
My first foray into free pieced letters. She sleeps on it now! (description of quilt, no symbols)
/li (end of this quilt photo and link code)

Sorry if I've dumbed this down too much...but never hurts to add as much info as you can... my coding is very far from perfect to a real whiz at HTML code, I am sure, but it gets the job done for me, so I am happy... This is just the code for one photo and link, to make a bunch of them just keep repeating this set of code for each quilt/photo you want in gallery. All blogger templates are different, but you can set up a title for the gallery, like Works in Progress, 2006 quilts, etc... Clear as mud, right? Hope this helps a little bit?

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