July 10, 2006

Cousin's Quilt Finished!

As I've blogged about for the last month or so, my cousin was in a very bad car crash at the end of may, along with her 4 month old baby. The baby came through with only minor abrasions and a small concussion, but my cousin had severe injuries including traumatic brain injuries. She was in a coma for a while, and is now awake!! However, she still isn't aware of things just yet. They are trying to get her to move her eyes to answer yes and no, but not sure she is there yet with her understanding. Please send out prayers, good thoughts, good karma, for some sort of cognitive recovery for her if you can! But awake is great news!!

My aunt said she loves the color peach, and I thought that pastels would be soothing to her eyes. What do you think? (please excuse the wrinkles from hanging!) I need some ideas on how to quilt this simply, I'm still a novice machine quilter and haven't hand quilted yet (will be learning for my Dear Jane!). I will back it with flannel for a soft warm feel!

I hope to post again this week with my first DJ border attached. With no school for Aine and doing my work mainly at night, and Aisling giving up her naps (oh no! there goes the daytime sewing!) it is going slower than I thought...but hey it is progressing!

I'm looking forward to a package from Hancocks of Paducah with flannel for this quilt and a HUGE design wall I hope to create in the new house, if we ever get there...might be end of August at this point...UGH!!! The package will also have some bleached muslin for another handwork project I will start: a seven sisters wallhanging using my blue South African indigos I have. So many ideas, so little time to quilt!! Posted by Picasa

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