July 24, 2006

Almost Ready to Post off to Oregon!

My cousin's quilt is quilted and bound now...just needs a label! Anyone have any ideas for what to say on the labels for her quilt and the baby's quilt? I will probably just keep it simple... Made with love from your cousin in Ireland...Cathi O'Neill 2006??? Hopefully she will be recovered and don't want anything to specific about the accident on the label...the year and its existence will be enough to remind her of why she has it! I'm still keeping all fingers and toes crossed that she will make some sort of recovery, but haven't heard much lately. I hope to send these off to Pendleton to Aunt Mary, my cousin Chrissy's mom, by the end of the week.

I have also started quilting on my friend's wedding quilt, with some hope of getting done for Sunday, their 1st anniversary! I've got all the sashing quilted with stitch in the ditch...and will go through each star and probably outline them in some way... Hope to be doing binding later in the week...

I've put my DJ on hold for a bit...need to complete all the outside sashing first...ran into complications when figuring out how to put the borders on!! Anyway, when not quilting the star quilt or binding it...will work a little here and there on that quilt.

But it looks like we will be really moving soon...still no official date for our closing, but maybe mid August, and we may have that date in the next few days!! It has truly taken forever, and DH has been living in Nenagh Monday - Friday since January...too long!

I am hoping to start on my Crazy Quilt scanning in some photos of my ancestors and will print some out onto fabric soon...I want each block in the round robin I am doing to a photo, either of the girls, Dave and I, or other cool ancestor photos I have! I have one of an great grand uncle of mine and his rollerskating buddies who performed at the World Fair in St. Louis (my mom is from St. Louis), way back in the late 1800s/early 1900s...will have to post that photo when I get it scanned in! Posted by Picasa

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