January 16, 2006

Quilts and Cats

This is one of my cats, Stripey...she was sleeping on my antique quilt and was none too happy to be woken up and shooed away... She wouldn't budge and had such an indignant look that I had to grab the camera. That quilt is from the 1800s and I didn't want her damaging it any further. I have to find a good way to display it though!!

Why do all cats seem to love quilts?? Posted by Picasa


Nancy said...

another cute cat. She looks a lot like 2 of my outside kitties, Missy and Brianna. I've found that cats are going to sit on the thing that you least want them to. You might think about covering the quilt with something until you find a way to permanately display it or you're probably going to just have to keep running her off of it. Ask me how I know this. LOL!

The Calico Cat said...

AWWWW - you could drape another quilt or a towel on top of the antique in the mean time....

(I recognize that look...)