January 10, 2006

Finished is better than perfect!!!

Wow this one was a doozy!!! I am nearing completion of my Dear Jane quilt (click on link to see a virtual layout of my quilt blocks...) and am I glad I did this one near the end...I might have given up if this was an early one on my weekly challenge. I finished this a day late for the challenge this week...but it is done!! There is a great group of women on the Dear Jane mailing list who have given me tips, hints, tricks and support over the last year, as well as another great group of ladies on the MSN group Quilters Around the World doing the Dear Jane quilt along. I have done block of the week challenges and triangle of the week challenges with both groups and learned so much along the way. Not many of my blocks are perfect, but I think I like the wonky blocks best of all...makes the quilt have loads of personality.

Sniff...I can't believe the blocks will be done soon, only 3 triangles and one corner left...then top needs to be put together, basted, quilted...yada yada yada. I LOVE hand piecing, but I think will try my hand at another handwork project: reproduction antique samplers. I love the real ones, just can't afford them!! Anyone else do these samplers as well? I plan on starting off with cross stitch fabric, then trying linens etc (I am in Ireland...I should work with linen...but have some cross stitch stuff leftover from my teen years when I was into it)

I really am crazed...this post is rambling everywhere...long day with crazy kiddos, and a part time work at home job doing graphic design is to blame...or that is my story anyway!! Posted by Picasa

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The Calico Cat said...

Nice "block" did you ever get a quilted diamonds book? Or one of those Jinny Beyer books. I got the QD's and Jinny - right now they are on my "not in this decade" list....

Check out my YBR, you might recognize the border fabric.....
Amy in DC